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Painted fence

Fence Painting

Whether it’s your deck, porch, or fencing, all wooden structures eventually need some TLC. Regular upkeep is necessary in order to avoid dry rot, weathering, and overall deterioration. And though these additions are supposed to add curb appeal to the home, if not properly maintained they could become an ugly eyesore and actually devalue a…

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Famous Walls & Fences from Fiction

24 Famous Walls & Fences from Fiction

Walls and fences are used in homes, gardens, and backyards. They are our great barriers, they keep us safe, secure, warm and happy in our daily lives. While walls and fences are important around the house and in countless of other uses in the real world, they are also a huge part of popular fiction….

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White vinyl fencing

Vinyl Fence Basics

Vinyl fences are some of the most durable, long lasting, and best looking fences available to homeowners today. With a resume like that, it’s easy to see why vinyl fences are quickly becoming a favorite fencing material for homeowners across the country. In fact, their only negative seems to be the lack of colors to…

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Wood fence

Leaning Fence

One dilemma many homeowners are faced with is fence repair versus fence replacement. It can be difficult to tell if a leaning fence is structurally sound enough to replace only what’s needed, or if installing a whole new fence is your best option. If you have a leaning fence on your property, there are a…

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Bamboo fence

Go Green with Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fence is one of the most up and coming, durable, and green fencing materials available to homeowners today. It comes in slats, rolls, and can be grown naturally, making it one of the most attractive, and environmentally friendly, fencing materials on the market. Bamboo Fencing Styles There are a number of bamboo fencing materials…

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Vinyl fence

Fence Installation Checklist

Fences can enhance the safety, aesthetics and privacy of your home. So, it’s important to choose the material and design that will best suit your budget and needs. Here’s a checklist to help you build the perfect fence. Choose your application:  ☐ Privacy: Cramped neighborhood? Busy nearby street? Choose a privacy fence to break up…

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Wood gate

Gate Openers: Closing the Gap from Afar

Having to get out of the car and open a gate manually, when all you want to do is come or go, can be a hassle. So, those who already have a gated driveway are most likely familiar with the benefits of having an automatic gate opener. If you are looking to install a driveway…

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Ornamental metal fence

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fences are almost never purely ornamental. Few homeowners eschew all considerations of privacy and security—the two most common functions of residential fencing—and put up a fence just because they look pretty. Yet, many homeowners want their fence to enhance their landscape, so the look of the fence may supersede the functions of top-notch privacy…

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Metal Driveway Gate

Material Issue: Wood and Metal Gates

Though in recent years, vinyl gates have been gaining in popularity, wooden and metal gates have been the standard for ages. Their great variety of styles and applications keep them at the top of the list for many homeowners. Choosing the gate that’s right for you can be difficult if you don’t know the advantages…

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White fencing

Fences Glossary

Barbed Wire: Wire fencing that is constructed with barbs or points. Most often used in fencing for agricultural purposes. Chain Link: A fence made from steel posts and chain. Corner Post: The post that sits at the corner where two lines of fencing meet. Cross fencing: Fence lines that divide pastures within a piece of…

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