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Tradesman painting a ceiling

How to Paint a Ceiling – Tips & Best Practices

Painting a ceiling can be a long, arduous process—but it is often necessary and worth the visual impact. Follow this guide to painting flat ceilings for helpful tips concerning the right material choices, the best techniques, and the potential decision to hire a professional. This guide does not cover tips and processes involved in painting…

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HVAC maintenance man works under the sink near the dishwasher.
smart home thermostat on wall of seniors home

How to Choose the Best Smart Thermostat for Your Home

Cold weather is just around the corner, bringing higher energy costs for many homeowners, especially if fuel prices skyrocket the way they did last year. A smart thermostat is one of the best ways to keep these costs in check. The device replaces the traditional thermometer on your wall, and enables you to program your…

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A newly remodeled basement with a pool table

Why So Many Millennial Homeowners Are Remodeling Their Basements

Millennials are just starting to break into home ownership, but affordability is still a challenge. While dreams of owning their own home may have come true, many millennial homeowners may not have been able to put an offer on their dream home – and had to settle for an older home with some differed maintenance,…

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your own home from around the world

Build Your Own Home From Around the World

Ever heard the phrase “make a house a home?” We wanted to explore what truly makes up the home by deconstructing different houses from around the world, paper model style. Think back to your childhood. Did you ever cut out your own little village? Bring back those memories with our series of photo manipulations, and…

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Luxury square bathtub in modern bathroom

Is a Spa Tub Worth the Investment?

A relaxing bubble bath should be a tranquil place to unwind at home. A spa tub can cost about $3,000 on average to install. Avoid buyer’s remorse in the bathtub, and make sure it’s the right choice for you. Cost & ROI Between the inconveniences listed below and the time commitment of filling and taking…

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Inside ruined abandoned house building after disaster, war, earthquake, Hurricane or other natural cataclysm

Disaster Safety and Prevention: Protecting Your Home and Family

No matter where your home is located, there will always be the threat of some kind of natural disaster. You won’t always be able to predict when they will occur, but you can take steps to protect your home, and in turn, your family. The following guide will provide advice and resources on securing your…

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What to do when your home floods.

Five Home Projects to Address Immediately After Your House Has Flooded

The impact a Category 3 or 4 hurricane can have on your most valuable asset – your home – can be disastrous, and incredibly overwhelming. Depending on the storm and its staggering effects, homeowners might face a number of devastating problems: from feet of standing water in the living room, to trees and debris spread…

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New Home Production is Falling Behind

May 24, 2017 The latest monthly data on new home sales showed a bit of a pullback, but the overall trend continues to be solidly positive.  The spring selling season is going extremely well for most builders, and pricing power for them is proving to still be strong so far, even in the face of…

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