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Lead paint chips on old hardwood floor

What Do I Do If My Home Has Lead Paint

What is lead paint? When added to paint, lead helps it dry more quickly and resist moisture. These additives also increase durability and maintain appearance over time. The most common pigments used in interior and exterior paint are: lead chromate, or “chrome yellow” lead oxide, or “red lead” lead carbonate, or “white lead” However, in…

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Paint color header

The Right Paint Color for Every Room

There are some big decisions to be made when it comes to decorating the house. The color scheme you use in each room will have a big impact on how it feels. How can you know what color will go best in each room? Luckily, the psychological effects of color have long been the subject…

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Freshly Painted House

More House Painting Tips

Many homeowners don’t think about house painting until they see their neighbors painting, or worse, find evidence of damage to their siding or stucco. While most homeowners repaint for appearance, it’s important to remember that paint’s primary value is in its function of waterproofing, protecting and preserving your home. Q: My house is only four…

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Painted Wall

Step by Step Guide to Painting

Ready to paint the interior of your home but have no clue as to what kind of preparation, paint or tools you need to do a quality job? This step-by-step painting guide can help. Paint Finishes and Gloss With all the paint manufacturers and dealers out there offering so many different grades of products, it’s…

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Stained deck

How to Stain Your Deck – A DIY Guide

On This Page: How to Effectively Seal & Stain Your Deck Tools & Materials Needed DIY Steps How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Pro? Deck Stain Prices FAQs A beautiful, well-maintained deck not only provides extra space for relaxing and entertainment, but it also adds value to your home. Like any outdoor living…

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Interior Paint Preparation

Interior Painting Prep

For any home improvement project to be successful, you need proper preparation. There’s nothing worse than skipping a crucial step, taking multiple trips to the store, or making stupid mistakes because you’re in a hurry. The job will go faster if you simply take some time and make a thorough checklist. This is especially true…

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Painted Home Exterior

House Painting Tips

While homeowners often hope they can put off repainting their homes just one more year, such procrastination can end up being a costly decision in the end. An excessively wet winter, for instance, will increase paint failure, damage to siding, and internal water damage, that can require far more expensive repairs in the long run….

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Green Painted Walls

Interior Painting Provides a Fresh Perspective

Most homes, whether new or pre-owned, are originally designed to attract potential homeowners, and the best way to draw people into a house is to make it look like they could possibly live there. To do this, home builders and realtors intentionally create a neutral look, which means light-colored carpets, wood cabinets, beige countertops, and…

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Exterior paint removal

Removing Exterior Paint or Stain

There are a number of ways to remove old coatings effectively and your particular job may require a combination of approaches to get the results you want. Review the methods explained here and see which ones best suit your project. Scraping This is a traditional effective approach for many flat surfaces from smooth masonry and…

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Faux Finish Painted Wall

Faux Painting Finishes

Faux painting originally referred to painting surfaces, including walls, furniture, floors, countertops and trim, to look like something else. Plaster columns were often painted to look like marble, new furniture was “antiqued,” “distressed” or “crackled” to look old, a wood grain was painted on new trim and molding to match existing doors. However, the term…

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