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Winter landscape

Checklist: Winter Landscape Tips

While most landscaping tips are concerned with tending plants during the growing season, winter landscaping is every bit as important if you want to have a great-looking lawn and healthy, vibrant plants. With the arrival of fall and cold weather, it is essential to complete a few projects to keep your landscaping protected during the…

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Shoveled snowy driveway

Be Safe Shoveling Snow this Winter

When most people think of health risks associated with shoveling snow, they tend to think of muscle strains and back problems. While muscle strains are, indeed, a concern, for many people middle-aged and older, the greater danger is suffering a heart attack. Research has shown that shoveling snow for just ten minutes puts similar strain…

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Winter yard

Checklist: Winter Yard Work

Landscape and yardwork are usually the last thing on the minds of most homeowners in the dead of winter. But this is actually the ideal time to renovate the lawn and eliminate the brown spots and crab grass left over from last summer. Lawn renovation A lawn renovation starts with a thorough raking to open…

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Winter ice

Don’t Let Ice Dams Damage Your Roof

Every few winters cities are plagued by ice dams. They generally appear after a heavy snowfall during an extended period of cold temperatures. Because ice dams occur on roofs buried in snow, few people actually see them, let alone understand their causes. The only time people think about them is when they occur, which is…

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Garden bushes

Checklist: Spring Gardening Tips

One day it’s a bleak winter, the next we wake to a warm breeze and blue skies. We’re sure that spring is upon us so we run eagerly into the yard with shovel, rake and seeds, intent upon transforming the landscape into a colorful paradise. But wait! The end product will only be as good…

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Maintained lawn

5 Ways to Prep Your Lawn for Summertime

Seed your yard. New grass will give your yard a robust, healthy look. Use this step-by-step guide to jumpstart new grass growth in your lawn: Rake your yard. Rake up any sticks, leaves or other debris in your yard. Extra debris kills sprouting grass and results in bare spots. But, extra leaves and grass make…

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Winterizing a Vacant House

How to Winterize a Vacant House

Though occupied homes can also benefit from a quick winterization, vacant houses are particularly prone to damage during extended periods of freezing temperatures. By winterizing a vacant house, you are protecting your investment, and keeping it in good condition so it can be sold, rented or otherwise inhabited at a moment’s notice without worry of…

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Christmas decorations

3 Holiday-Friendly, Home Improvement Professionals

Project requests decline precipitously during the holiday season. This decline is easily explained, as every dollar spent on retail is another dollar that can’t be spent on home improvement contractors. While kitchen and bathroom remodeling and other major renovations tend to get hit hardest, there are a small handful of home improvement contractors that can…

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Winter flower box

Winter Flower Gardens

For garden enthusiasts, winter is generally thought of as the “off season”. This is especially true for the gardener who delights in growing flowers. It is a common belief that winter flowers are only grown commercially and that a winter flower garden on a residential scale isn’t feasible. It is true that in very cold…

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White basement

Seasonal Basement Maintenance

While there are not many seasonal tasks for basements, there are a few things you want to keep an eye out for during the year. Seasonal basement maintenance is likely to make a difference in how your basement performs all year long. Whether your primary concern is reducing flooding during the rainy season or having…

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