Electric Pressure Washer

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Updated June 15, 2017

Electric pressure washer

Most homeowners don’t need to be introduced to the concept of the pressure washer. If you don’t already own one, your neighbors have probably told you about them. Any number of common household or outdoor surfaces can become caked with a layer of dirt and grime. Some of these surfaces may require hours upon hours of strenuous and/or tedious work; some of them may be virtually uncleanable.

Benefits and Uses of Electric Pressure Washers

Low capacity pressure washers run at 25 times the pressure of an ordinary garden hose and are great for cleaning patio furniture, patio covers, and some fencing. Medium and heavy duty pressure washers, running at up to 100 times the pressure of a garden hose, are designed to clean concrete, stubborn stains, and grease. Low capacity pressure washers may be able to help somewhat with your house’s siding, but a higher end washer will allow you to clean twenty and thirty feet high while you keep your feet firmly on the ground. High capacity pressure washers also have adjustable settings for more sensitive jobs and are a great tool for give your automobile a quick cleaning.

Types of Pressure Washers

Of course, the electric pressure washer is only one kind of pressure washer. Gas, and less common oil-fired, pressure washers are also available. The electric pressure washer is less portable than its gas counterpart but is significantly quieter. If you have an outdoor power outlet and an extension cord, your neighborhood will probably appreciate you choosing an electric washer. Hot water pressure washers are out there, as well. Since the advantage of hot water is the added grime-fighting properties, most of these pressure washers are made only in high capacity models. Low to high capacity pressure washers will generate anywhere from 1000 PSI to 6000PSI.

Cost and Features of Electric Pressure Washers

As you might imagine, prices vary greatly between different pressure washers. You might be able to pick one up for less than a hundred dollars, while a new, high capacity model will average around a thousand. Of course, they range up to many thousands of dollars, but these high-end models are usually for industrial purposes. Make sure purchasing an electric pressure washer is a worthwhile investment. A cheap model won’t be worth it if it doesn’t get the job done, but spending a thousand dollars doesn’t make much sense, either, if there are easier and cheaper cleaning methods available.

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Lawn Care Companies and Handymen

Of course, by the time you’ve sifted through all this information, made a decision, and bought yourself a pressure washer, you probably could have called a professional to come by and take of your dirt or stained areas. If you have other landscape services that need to be done, a lawn care service company may be able to wash off your patio, patio furniture, and other outdoor areas with their own pressure washer while they’re mowing the grass and spreading lawn treatments.

For other small projects around the house, you might call a handyman who will be able to knock out a wide array of small house projects and who will also have his or her own pressure washer. On the other hand, if you think the formation of dirt, grime, leaves, and other debris is going to be a recurring problem, the investment in your own pressure washer is probably justified. You might talk to your neighbors and see what outdoor cleaning needs they might have. They might even be willing to chip in a few bucks or invite you over for a beer and a barbecue in return for borrowing your pressure washer.

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