Spray on Siding

Spray on siding is the siding solution you’ve been looking for if you never want to have to paint your house again. Made from a special mix of resins and polymers, liquid siding is a vinyl like compound that can be sprayed directly onto your home. It provides all the protection of paint and other siding options, yet lasts for thirty years or more (hence no re-painting!) and won’t substantially alter the look of your home like more traditional vinyl and aluminum siding materials can. If you’re tired of regular paint jobs or the maintenance and upkeep that comes with vinyl and aluminum siding materials, spray on siding is the answer.

Never Paint Again!

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this siding material is the fact that one application lasts decades longer than traditional paint jobs. It covers better than paint and retains a freshly painted look longer as well. In respect to other forms of siding, liquid siding doesn’t require any of the unsightly nails and hangers that traditional siding does, and you won’t have to hassle with loose, sagging or damaged pieces of siding down the road either. Add to that the fact that the liquid nature of the material makes it possible to choose from literally thousands of color options (aluminum and vinyl siding typically comes in only a handful of colors) and it’s clear why this innovative siding option is gaining steam as a favorite of homeowners everywhere. Basically you’ve got the design benefits of paint with the durability and longevity of synthetic siding materials. How can you go wrong?

Sticky Stuff

Another top selling point is the fact that it can be applied to just about any surface. Successful applications have been applied to wood, stucco, vinyl, galvanized steel, aluminum, brick and concrete surfaces. In short, whatever you’ve got, spray on siding should do the trick, and you won’t have to mess with removing your pre-existing siding in order to have it applied! Once it is applied, it is guaranteed not to crack, split, bubble, blister or flake off, regardless of the sub-surface, and it naturally resists dirt and grime better than traditional paint.

Protect Your Investment

The liquid siding industry was plagued early on by a series of irresponsible application companies who neglected proper preparation steps and application procedures, resulting in a handful of very vocal, dissatisfied customers. Further innovations in the siding material itself along with the rise of an army of reputable application companies have mostly relegated such problems to the past; however, it’s important when you choose spray on siding for your home that you ask for—and check—references to ensure you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Also, any company worth their salt will offer a 100% guarantee on their product and service, with extensive warranties on the siding itself (warranties of up to thirty years are not uncommon). Demand these concessions from your contractor and think twice about hiring them if they shy away from guaranteeing their work or their product.


  1. James Ellison Sr., October 6:

    What is the cost? Sounds very enticing but what are the downfalls?

  2. Robin romeo, October 20:

    Do you offer any recommended providers of this service?

  3. Carol Panariello, November 1:

    What is the cost for this type of siding? And do you recommend any companies?

  4. melinda marashi, November 28:

    What are the costs? How long does it take to apply? Who can apply it? Does it mildew like my current siding? What is the upkeep?

  5. Adalbert Kopec, October 19:

    What is the cost? Sounds very enticing but what are the downfalls?Do you offer any recommended providers of this service?What are the costs? How long does it take to apply? Who can apply it? Does it mildew like my current siding? What is the upkeep?

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