Magnetic Curtain Rods

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Updated January 20, 2017

Magnetic curtain rod

Since the invention of the curtain, there have been problems with curtain rods. Keeping them up, adjusting them, and repairing the surface of where they used to be can all add up to a real pain. It is important to make sure you purchase the right rod for the job when it comes to installation. If you’re lucky enough to have metal windows or doors, there’s a great option available that you might not have considered yet.

Magnetic Curtain Rod Advantages

Unlike their traditional counterparts, magnetic curtain rods are very easy to install, adjust, and remove. No drilling or nailing is involved when you put them up, so there are no holes to fill or cover up when they are taken down. Moving magnetic curtain rods from one setting to another requires little more than a firm tug at the point of attachment. The magnets in the rods are designed to be strong and long lasting adjusting their length is simple, and can be done over and over again with no hassle.

Magnetic Curtain Rod Disadvantages

Obviously, magnetic curtain rods are only useful when you’ve got a metal base to stick them to; if you don’t have metal doors or windows in your home, they’re pretty ineffective.

While there are a few different companies that you can purchase them from, the style choices available for magnetic curtain rods pales in comparison to the wide variety of conventional choices.

The bases of the rods vary in their magnetic strength. Those wishing to hang very heavy curtains should make absolutely sure that they are purchasing curtain rods with the strongest magnets. These will be both more expensive and harder to come by as well. Since magnetic curtain rods are a bit more expensive than traditional ones to begin with, price may be an issue if your curtains are especially heavy.

Using Adhesives

It is possible, as some companies that sell magnetic curtain rods will tell you, to glue these rods to the wall if you don’t have metal to make the magnets effective. Just because this is possible, though, doesn’t make it a good idea.

Sticking anything to a wall with glue is a gamble; sticking curtain rods that will be bearing considerable weight is even shadier (pun intended). Predicting how long and how well the glue will adhere is difficult. If the rod does come unstuck, it could take part of the wall or window with it (especially if the surface it was glued to is painted).

Basically, this is like replacing a burned out light bulb with a candle. Using glue to attach magnetic curtain rods negates every thing that the rods were designed to make easier; but if you’re in a pinch, it can still do the job.

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