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Patios & Decks: Popular Railing Systems

Cable Rail

Pros: Modern, durable, low-maintenance, easy to install, minimal visual impact
Cons: Horizontal cables invite climbing and may pose a risk to small children, may not meet codes in certain areas

Paned Glass

Pros: Durable, elegant, unobstructed views, solid barrier wall
Cons: Expensive, requires frequent cleaning


Pros: Inexpensive, lightweight, rust-resistant, low-maintenance, available in several colors
Cons: Modern look may not be compatible with all architectures

Wrought Iron

Pros: Sturdy, long-lasting, low-maintenance, classic and customizable
Cons: Expensive, susceptible to rust over time

Composite and PVC/Vinyl

Pros: Durable; rust- and insect- resistant; easy to clean; comes in a variety of colors, styles and height variations
Cons: May appear bulky or heavy; some varieties susceptible to mold, mildew and fading


Pros: Classic, natural look; inexpensive; can be painted or stained
Cons: Requires annual maintenance, susceptible to rot and insects, may appear bulky or heavy

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