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Patios & Decks: Pitfalls to Avoid

1. Treating use as an afterthought

“The biggest mistake people make is underestimating what they’re going to put into the space. People usually put too small a deck on and then wish they had more space. It’s best to start out with at least an understanding of your dream outdoor space and then phase it in over time. After all, if you don’t think about it, and you don’t build the frame to support it, you can’t do it.”

– Michael Beaudry, Executive Vice President, North American Deck and Railing Association

2. Forgetting your foundation

“Not giving adequate attention to the bones or foundation of your project is a huge mistake. People don’t really think much about this, but spending a few thousand dollars up front to ensure adequate support can save you tens of thousands later.”

– Andy Hashman, Designer, Mosaic Outdoor Living

3. Neglecting interior views

“Most people don’t think about how an outdoor living space will be viewed from the home’s interior. Keep in mind how materials on the inside may affect the look of materials on the outside. Marry those spaces and make sure they flow and belong together.”

– Joe Raboine, National Design and Training Specialist at Belgard

Trend Watch: Blurring the Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Today’s outdoor living spaces draw the style and comforts of the indoors out. And the latest materials make it possible to blend your outdoor living areas entirely into your home’s interior. New porcelain decking tiles and patio pavers, for example, can extend the look of a beautiful tile and elongate the view into the outdoor living space. And the latest folding glass systems make it possible to remove the barriers between the indoors and the outdoors altogether.

“We’re seeing a trend in outdoor living that reflects kitchen interiors, with a lot more clean lines and large-format, plank-style pavement” says Joe Raboine, National Design and Training Specialist at Belgard. “There’s a shift away from the rustic tumbled pavers that look like stone to more of a contemporary look and lighter colors.”

Indoor Style, Outdoor Allure

Contemporary interior design styles are gaining popularity in outdoor living:

  • Large-format tiles
  • Plank-style flooring
  • White and light gray color palettes

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