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If your basement is a dark dungeon kids are scared to walk down to, and adults secretly avoid, it might be time for an update. Updating your basement with a new remodel does more than just add value to your home. Creating spaces and renovating rooms can make your house feel roomier and more comfortable. Whether your basement is small or on the larger size, remodeling it is something you won’t regret. Before lifting a hammer and knocking down walls, it is best to create a plan and design exactly what you want. First decide on what rooms you want to remodel or add, and then make a list of all the tools and materials you will need.

Types of Basement Remodels

There are unlimited options for basement remodels, and choosing one really depends on your personal preference. Basements are ideal for many rooms, especially noisy ones. One of the most popular rooms people add to their basement is a home theater. With the noise downstairs, there is no stress about bothering people in the room next door or sleeping beneath the floors. Home theaters are perfect for basement areas lacking windows. Adding insulation to the ceiling and walls will help keep the sound down. Another popular remodel is family rooms. Escaping the upstairs to a new comfortable room downstairs is relaxing and peaceful. While parents are upstairs, kids can be downstairs watching a movie or playing as loud as they want. Adding a small kitchen or bar to a family room can make it a place to throw casual parties or get-togethers as well. If your family is growing and things are starting to get tight, you can remodel the basement to add bedrooms. Walls can go up so a family room or storage area can become that extra bedroom. Many older homes weren’t built with multiple bathrooms, and adding one can add value; especially if there are bedrooms next to it. You can even step away from the normal family room remodel and create unique spaces that fit your style. A room can be remodeled into a craft room with shelving, built-in tables, and closets for crafting supplies. It could become a workshop with cement floors and shelves. For the artist a remodel might mean a dream studio. Basements are naturally cool and storing food and items is usually what basements do best. If your basement is empty, add a few walls to create a storage room. If you already have an empty room that serves as a storage room, add shelves along the walls to get the best use out of the space.

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Materials and Tools Needed

When people think about building, they might automatically imagine a hammer and nails, and although those are very important in doing any construction project, there are a lot more heavy-duty tools you will need. Once you have chosen the type of basement remodel you would like to do, you can began to write a list of the tools and materials needed for the project. If your basement is a blank canvas, you won’t have to worry about knocking down walls or watching out for electrical parts. The basic tools for any type of construction work are a tape measure, hammer, square, and drill. These tools will help you measure spaces and attach basic shelving or pre-built pieces. If you are going to be adding walls, doors, or trim, you are going to need a miter saw and a nail gun. A basic 10″ miter saw will work great, but if you have thicker trim, a 12″ is going to do the job with one cut. When purchasing a nail gun, it is a great idea to buy a pack of two that will work for both the heavy nailing of 2x4s and the finish work for trim. A compressor is a must, although you can now buy airless nail guns, but they won’t have the power a compressor will. These tools should get most jobs done, but depending on how much work you do, you may need to buy more. If you plan on doing the sheet rock yourself, you will want a razor blade to cut the boards. Paint sprayers and texture sprayers work great at finishing a room quickly. Materials also depend on the amount of remodel work you plan on doing. A basic room starting from scratch, needs 2×4 boards, insulation, electrical wiring for outlets and lighting, drywall, mud for texture, paint, carpet and baseboard trim. It doesn’t take many tools to get started on a project and if you are planning on remodeling one room at a time, the tools will be used over and over.


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