Stainless Steel Bathroom Fixtures

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Bathroom remodels are the smartest way to invest your money. These rooms are where incoming guests, potential buyers, and your family spend a lot of time. So a renovation is a good idea since you’ll always get an immediate turnaround on your money. But you don’t need to gut the entire thing or replace every installation in order to give it a fresh sparkle. Just some small changes to the fixtures can breathe new life into an old space. As you consider these alterations, you may want to think about putting in some stainless steel bathroom fixtures since they’re becoming a very popular addition to most lavatories.

Strong, Simple, and Stylish

Stainless steel bathroom fixtures sometimes get a bad rap. They may seem cold, hard, and uninviting. But if placed next to traditional decor, these simple installations can lend a modern look to the room. They can act as small, subtle accents to a space in need of panache. And not only are they stylish, they have many functional qualities as well.

  • Strong: With seamless welding, one-piece construction, and heavy gauge metal, they’re tough, sturdy, and durable (and look it, too). Plus, they don’t chip and are heat resistant.
  • Simple: They’re easy to wash, don’t tarnish or spot, and they require no special cleaners.
  • Stylish: For many people, brass items have become dated and they quickly tarnish. Metal plated surfaces simply don’t retain the same elegance and spot easily. But the industrial look, contemporary style, and sleek lines of these fixtures add instant value to a home.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Fixtures: The Pros and Cons

They don’t come without flaws, but there are often ways to get around their defects.

  • Smudging: Just because they’re “stainless” doesn’t mean they’re impenetrable. If you choose a glossy surface, it can dull over time, become scratched, or get finger-smudged. However, if you invest in brushed facades, these blemishes can easily be hidden.
  • Noise: Larger installations, such as sinks and tubs, can be a bit noisy due to the metal. However, these specialty items look amazing and can be lined with mats or insulation to deaden the sound. Plus, they’re not completely hollow, so they tend to resist denting.
  • Cost: They’re not the cheapest pieces around and can quickly reach into the triple digits depending on the item. But they’re less expensive than other high-end materials, such as natural stone or cast iron. Just make sure that when it comes to your plumbing that you don’t take any chances and hire a professional plumber for proper installation.

Clever Coordination

It’s important to match all your stainless steel bathroom fixtures, but be smart about it. Sometimes if you have a metal tub mixed with a porcelain sink, it could look a little weird. However, if you go overboard and completely streamline the room in silver, it could be a bit overwhelming.

For instance, you could buy steel countertops but you don’t want the room to look like a doctor’s office. There are even metal toilets available, but you don’t want to make your bathroom look like a jail cell. So keep it simple. Faucets, showerheads, and sinks are the most popular remodels because these little touches of elegance can go a long way. You may even want to buy a metal towel bar, door hook, or trash can to round out the look. Plus, investing in some silver door knobs is a great way to complete a remodel without going overboard.

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