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Reviewed by Shawn G. in Point Pleasant, NJ
The crew were friendly, on-time, thorough in their work. The were patient in explaining the process and very neat.
Reviewed by Barb D. in Edison, NJ
Service was great. very hard workers, did a wonderful job. the owner would get right back to me if I had any questions also Jenn in the office was very helpful. I would recommend this company to everyone looking to insulate their homes or business. Thank you.
Reviewed by Erin M. in Red Bank, NJ
Thanks to Shore Insulation, I have the most energy efficient apartment in Shadow Lake Village! They installed environmentally safe blow in insulation in the attic, AND inside every exterior facing wall, AND even between the floorboards in my sunroom. Our apartment complex is all electric -- and even though my neighbors are paying hundreds each month to heat their homes, I am paying an average of $75 or less, because insulation keeps cold out now, and heat out in the summer. Hiring Shore Insulation was the best decision I could have made to keep my energy bills low, for now and in the future!!
Reviewed by Julia L. in Montclair, NJ
12 years ago I insulated my 1875 house - it was not cheap and i was really anxious about it - how do you know what they really do? no regrets - great guys did it and it literally lowered my bills by two thirds. Since then, I had a bunch of renovations by other people and had a few pipes freeze last year ...so I called Shore Insulation ..and they just came back today. Will and Roberto showed me what the others guys had done which was inadequate. I really wish I had called him and had him do the insulation when I renovated. So if you are renovating or just have a uninsulated house like mine was, I would really recommend them .
Reviewed by Edward K. in Keansburg, NJ
very professional. They came when they said they would and did a great job. I just had our house lifted and they went above and beyond. Thank you
Reviewed by Robert W. in Morganville, NJ
Excellent experience with the Shore Insulation installers, Great job
Reviewed by a homeowner in Belmar, NJ
We had 2 broken pipes in the same week and were told we needed to insulate the crawl space asap. My wife's uncle was also about to pass away and we needed to get this done so we could attend the funeral. We contacted Will at Shore Insulation and he was great. He got his crew to come down the same day we called and got the job done. They did a great job at a reasonable price. Truly we can't thank him enough. We would recommend him highly.
Reviewed by Bruce N. in Butler, NJ
Excellent experience with Shore. Although this is a very long way in the past at this point, I cannot say anything negative at all, and the choice was one of the best I ever made.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Brielle, NJ
Excellent service
Reviewed by a homeowner in Asbury Park, NJ
We have an excellent experience with Shore Insulation. We have a 30 year old home that required more/new insulation in the attic. The initial person who gave the estimate was extremely thorough and did not try to oversell the need for the insulation. The people who came to insulate the house were hardworking and able to think quickly given the parameters and limitations of the space. I was very satisfied with the work.