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Reviewed by Pat S. in Monmouth, OR
Excellent. Have coordinated everything and have been in good contact re: any changes to schedule. We are in the midst of getting rid of rats in our crawl space. Bate has been placed and house outside and in the attic have been inspected and treated for possible infestation of insects and any rat damage. Today the insulation and vapor barrier under the house will be removed and Monday the crawl space will be cleared and all areas will be treated. This is a very proactive business that is making sure our home stays clear now and in the future. Thank you HomeAdvisor for recommending "All Natural Pest Exterminator." So far so good.
Reviewed by Bonnie R. in Monmouth, OR
I was very hesitant to have ANY ant elimination via a pest control specialist... AND as it turned out Chris was truly an expert --- not to mention both patient and articulate in responding to our many questions/concerns. Thank you!!!
Reviewed by Joann H. in Lyons, OR
The most wonderful young men are doing the work, and they could not be more polite or considerate while in and out of our home.
Reviewed by Sharon B. in Salem, OR
It has only been 5 days but the ant problem is decreasing. They said it would take about a week. So far so good.
Reviewed by J0 P. in Lyons, OR
Prompt,courteous, thorough
Reviewed by April B. in Dallas, OR
Reviewed by Dudley L. in Medford, OR
As it happens, we have subscribed to All Natural's pest control service for nearly five years, and we have been very satisfied on all counts. When we experienced a problem with one of our sump pumps, however, we weren't sure what to do. We checked with Home Advisor to see what was available. We were pleased to see All Natural at the top of the list of providers and we were pleased to see how quickly Home Advisor went into action. We promptly received a call from All Natural, and we're very pleased with its service.
Reviewed by Bruce L. in Central Point, OR
service man came by and placed a one time bait for rodents under house and charged $300 and said for continued monitoring and service it may cost beyond $1,000 and more depending on level of service. A week later and I still hear the little varmit chewing on stuff below our house. I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone.
Reviewed by Scott H. in Dallas, OR
Jon & Ray were both very personable and professional. Jon inspected our home and explained what he observed. He explained All Natural's products and services. Ray spent the good part of a day performing the work needed to rid our home of pests (mice & insects) & to provide preventative treatment for the exposed wooden structural members (attic, exterior walls and sub-area). Currently looking forward to the follow-up inspections and treatment of our roof moss. Cost is on the high side, but worth the long-term peace of mind that our home is clean and structurally sound.
Reviewed by Ann H. in Roseburg, OR
I could not be any more pleased with this company's service. I wanted all natural pest/rodent control and they 0ffer the best..the techs that come out are very thorough and polite, as is everyone I have dealt with at the company. Jon Strebe explained everything completely and was a pleasure doing business with. I am happy to totally recommend this company to anyone looking for complete pest control etc. The products used are controlling our problem very efficiently.