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Reviewed by Danielle B. in Eugene, OR
These guys were very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He explained everything that he was doing and looking at while inspected our home and gave me great tips to help minimize new pests from entering our home. He left me with a few options that he recommended for treatment and there was no stress for a sale right then. When we are ready I will be giving him a call for sure!
Reviewed by Hillard M. in Salem, OR
They were fast and efficient and have a great guarantee. Great job
Reviewed by Jo ann A. in Salem, OR
They were very thorough in their inspection and found more issues than we were expecting.
Reviewed by Linda G. in South Beach, OR
great people, prompt responses, hard workers,. I've had good response and relief from immediate problems. I look forward to the rest of the job.
Reviewed by Nancy J. in Roseburg, OR
Don't hire this company, just hire direct. This company did not communicate clearly the process, had I not phoned to inquire when they planned on showing up for the first appt.they never would have come. I had to directly request information on the process of the job. The GM installed a new sump pump, incorrectly, which caused it to fail and stop working 3 days later, then sent an inexperienced employee out to repair. After numerous phone calls seeking help, between the 2 of us, we were able to get pump up and operational. I notified GM that the install was not acceptable, they then sent a Tech out and he basically Jerry-rigged the install. When plumbing co came to correct the system set up, had to do pretty big overhaul on the installation but it was installed correctly at that time. Maybe for pest control they are great, yes, I hired them for pest and fungi control, wish I hadn't and next time I will not use a 3rd party for any home improvement jobs. Disappointed with the whole process.
Reviewed by Sheri H. in Eugene, OR
Just started service with this company and so far am confident they can eliminate my rodent problem.
Reviewed by Gordon J. in Salem, OR
The rats are being taken care of.
Reviewed by Pat S. in Monmouth, OR
Excellent. Have coordinated everything and have been in good contact re: any changes to schedule. We are in the midst of getting rid of rats in our crawl space. Bate has been placed and house outside and in the attic have been inspected and treated for possible infestation of insects and any rat damage. Today the insulation and vapor barrier under the house will be removed and Monday the crawl space will be cleared and all areas will be treated. This is a very proactive business that is making sure our home stays clear now and in the future. Thank you HomeAdvisor for recommending "All Natural Pest Exterminator." So far so good.
Reviewed by Bonnie R. in Monmouth, OR
I was very hesitant to have ANY ant elimination via a pest control specialist... AND as it turned out Chris was truly an expert --- not to mention both patient and articulate in responding to our many questions/concerns. Thank you!!!
Reviewed by Joann H. in Lyons, OR
The most wonderful young men are doing the work, and they could not be more polite or considerate while in and out of our home.