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Reviewed by Janet S. in PALM HARBOR, FL
Judy was wonderful. I was using my second bedroom for storage and needed it cleaned out so that I could turn it into a den. She reviewed all rooms and closet contents in my condo and worked with me in developing a plan for storage, etc. She listens to your wants and desires. She is not one to immediately tell you that you have to throw everything out. She was great!!
Reviewed by a homeowner in Tampa, FL
They helped me with setting up my new apartment. They provided great organizing ideas l could use.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Largo, FL
Carol was hired to work with my grieving, overwhelmed, elderly father to bring order to his entire home after my mother had passed away 2 months before. Not only did Carol get this very large job completed to our satisfaction but she became a compassionate, caring companion to my father. Unfortunately, our father passed away suddenly a short time after she completed the assignment. Carol's efforts were not at all in vain. Not only did the work she did for our father relieve his burden but ours after his passing as well. We are very grateful to her and would recommend this service to anyone for whom bring chaos to order has become overwhelming.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Saint Petersburg, FL
Great experience. Very focused. Much more done than I had anticipated.
Reviewed by Ann S. in clearwater-beach, FL
The absolute best! Not only will she make all your drawers, cabinets and files beautiful, but she arranges them in ways that cause you to keep them organized. She really gets into your head, gets to know how your individual brain works, and then structures her organization based on the way you would naturally do things. In other words, no two people will get their closets organized in the exact same way. Because of Judy, I can actually consider myself a relatively organized person! When she first started working with me, though, I was A MESS!! My house stays neat most of the time now.
Reviewed by Kelly W. in Saint Petersburg, FL
The move date to our new home was moved up, time running short, I needed help. Judy came and engaged my whole family (4 kids, a husband and me) in the packing process. Got rid of tons, met our deadline. She was able to direct us all, painlessly, and had us sort all like items together. When we unpacked everything came out of the boxes in the rooms they belonged in. Putting it all together in an order that made sense was a synch. She saved us money and time on the unpacking end. The methods she used, I can repeat in the future and apply to any organizing project. A very worthy investment.
Reviewed by Laura W. in Inverness, FL
I met Judy on a couple of occasions socially and our conversations about organizing and simplifying were inspiring. Several months later I decided to have her come and help me with a few of areas of my home. Specifically my daughters playroom, bedroom and my walk in pantry. I cannot explain exactly how, but after these two sessions and what she showed me, I did the rest of the house by myself one project at a time over the next several months and actually had fun and looked forward to each project as it came time to get it done. And make no mistake she is a blast to work with!
Reviewed by Janet G. in Tampa, FL
From our first phone communication to every time Judy has been in my home she has been professional, knowledgeable, creative and a tremendous problem solver! Because of my mobility issues, she has had to make my home, to include my office area, easily accessible for me. She has done this with a positive attitude and practical outlook! She is much appreciated!
Reviewed by Molly T. in Holiday, FL
I would highly recommend Judy Mauer and Creatively Organizing. I was so impressed with her ability to assess my needs and help me organize my home and office in a way that not only worked for my family, but was also sustainable. She was able to keep me on task and work with me to accomplish my goals despite my hectic schedule. I was dreading hiring an organizer because I felt so overwhelmed and didn't want to deal with it. Judy broke it up into manageable bits and really got me motivated. I only wish I had found her sooner!