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Reviewed by Brad A. in Barnesville, MN
Levi and Ross at Environmental Air Solutions were absolutely a life saver to me and my family after purchasing my home recently and then realizing I had mold in my house. The experience, knowledge, professionalism and service was excellent. Levi had great advise and answered all my questions above and beyond. He showed up same day when called, continued to follow through and be on time from begging to end. This is a stand up company with individuals providing great solutions for indoor air problems. Healthier living and life through air quality. What a difference you have made for me and my family today and in the future. Thank You Levi
Reviewed by Larry D. in Valley City, ND
Levi was very helpful and professional. He has the knowledge and the equipment to get the job done right.He was very timely and also did follow up. I would recommend to any one needing this kind of work.
Reviewed by Brad W. in Breckenridge, MN
I needed a customers home tested for mold as they were in the process of selling, and needed answers quickly! Levi was able to get there the same day even though the house was 50 miles out of town. Very professional and thorough. Answered all my questions and offered solutions that got us moving in the right direction.
Reviewed by James T. in Morris, MN
I discovered a patch of mold in my basement. Within eight days I had an assessment, a plan, and remediation. The mold is gone. In addition, my basement is now better protected against water problems than it had been. Levi was pleasant to work with, was thorough and efficient.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Fargo, ND
He was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgable I would definitely recommend their service
Reviewed by Raylene D. in Enderlin, ND
My son had been getting sick with respiratory issues and the dr suggested it may be mold. I called 3 inspectors/companies to check for mold and chose Levi because he was the cheapest. His cost allowed for more testing to be completed on other surfaces which was nice. He came out the next day and even offered to come that night! My boyfriend met with him and said he was polite, punctual and very knowledgeable. I thought it was very professional that he did not give any information based on appearances or "hunches", he simply said the lab results would tell. I was surprised to find that he also offered services to remove mold as I wanted JUST an inspector to avoid any bias. But, I do feel I got an accurate and true diagnosis. We will be building a new home in the future and will be calling Levi to put one of his filtration systems in our home.
Reviewed by Biuan F. in Britton, SD
Levi is a great guy and very prompt. my first name is Brian not biuan. thanks
Reviewed by Amanda G. in cando, ND
I live in an apt and have been experiencing a lot of sudden health issues so I did research and found mold could be the culprit. It is! Thanks to E.A.S. I dont feel like a crazy hypochondriac!!!! Very professional, quick(2days!!), and the best price in the state!!!
Reviewed by Bert N. in Saint Cloud, MN
Very courteous, on time, very professional and explained what and why he was doing it.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Park Rapids, MN
Prompt and thorough in the work that was performed.