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Reviewed by Jeff J. in Hot Springs National Park, AR
Jake went above and beyond.
Reviewed by Steve S. in Hot Springs Village, AR
An annoying skylight leak was repaired. Chris, Jake, and Gary kept at it and did not give up until the source of the leak was found and repaired. They were an excellent choice and I will use them again.. S2
Reviewed by Vandana S. in little rock, AR
Reviewed by Emily P. in NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR
Chris was quick to respond. He was straight to the point, worked with my schedule and even was flexible with payment. He understood that the project needed done, but budget was important, too. 100% will be using this company with all of my needs for my rental property.
Reviewed by Mark W. in HOT SPRINGS, AR
Reviewed by Scott K. in Hot Springs National Park, AR
Took awhile to get to me, but realize he has other jobs. The 2 guys that came out to repair the area were very knowledgeable and worked efficiently
Reviewed by Sharon shugart B. in Pearcy, AR
This is to put on record our complete satisfaction with and gratitude to Chris Dixon of Capital Home Improvements for fixing what seemed to be an unfixable leak around the chimney in our roof. This is going to be a long story, but since it has a happy ending, I hope you will humor me by reading it! First, although he was booked up with replacing roofs affected by the latest hailstorm in the area, Chris called us about our problem as soon as he heard from Home Advisor--which was immediately. He came out late that same afternoon. He and his assistant looked at the flashing and the leak stains in the ceiling, found a gap where water seemed to be coming in, and poured a little water in it to verify the problem. Then they simply sealed the flashing at the leak point! Since then we’ve had days of sometimes very hard rain, and the leaking has not recurred. The reason we are so pleased with this repair is that ever since we replaced the cedar shake roof around 2001, the chimney has leaked. The original contractor came back two or three times trying to fix it but the leaking continued. We had another contractor in to fix it sometime around 2007, but after several attempts he was also unable to fix the leaks. A hailstorm last year totaled the roof, and we had someone on Angie’s List replace it, telling them about the old leak. They checked the flashing, said it looked good, put new sealant in various places, and assured us that would fix it. It worked until we had another severe rainstorm, when leaking resumed. We asked the roofer to come back and fix it, but he said he’d done everything he could and couldn’t help us. That’s when we got in touch with Chris, through Home Advisor, with the results I’ve described above. It took Chris and his assistant maybe ten minutes to figure out the problem and fix it! It seems like a near miracle to have this seemingly perpetual problem fixed. With a trusted professional like Chris to advise us in future, we feel confident that we can finally replace the damaged ceiling and check for mold or other incipient problems. You cannot imagine how relieved—even overjoyed!—we are to have this seemingly insolvable problem solved!
Reviewed by Joe L. in Hot Springs Village, AR
Very professional. Chris returned our call immediately. Sent someone out to look at the small roof repair. Called back with an estimate within a few days, and told us he would have the job done in a week or two. He called about a week later and said his men were on the way. There was no mess, they cleaned up when they were finished. Extremely satisfied and would definitely call them again for other work we may need done.
Reviewed by Kay R. in Hot Springs National Park, AR
Very professional. Extremely satisfied with the work and price.
Reviewed by Phyllis L. in Hot Springs Village, AR
Start to finish it only took them 3 days. They removed old metal roof, and old asphalt shingles and installed the new roof, looks great. They cleaned up afterwards. and didn't damage any of the bushes surrounding the front of the house. I think they did a very good job, and will recommend them to friends.