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Reviewed by James A. in Rochester hills, MI
great experience, Thanks
Reviewed by a homeowner in Swartz Creek, MI
Great company to work with!
Reviewed by Wilbur W. in Bingham Farms, MI
They replaced the asphalt shingle roof on the front of my house. The crew worked as an excellent team on both the installation as well as the clean up around the difficult bushes surrounding my house. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone.
Reviewed by Leonard B. in Davisburg, MI
Everyone was great. Got the job do very quickly. Did great clean up
Reviewed by Dechun W. in Okemos, MI
Best Choice did the roofing replacement and siding of the front of our house. We are very satisfied with the quality of the roofing and the siding. They have done an excellent job. Their price was very reasonable.
Reviewed by Dave P. in Saint Clair Shores, MI
Good price, top quality materials, on time, friendly crew, and completion within one day was nice. I needed total roof replacement of almost 1600 sq. ft. on this house we own. They installed the exact shingles, sub-roofing materials, ridge vent, and rerouted the exhaust pipe that I wanted. The installers protected my shrubs, were always polite and helpful, and cleaned up after themselves. However, the experience was not without issues. My bathroom exhaust fan was knocked loose from its hangers causing damage to the bathroom ceiling, a worker slipped and his leg went through the bedroom ceiling, and one of the soffits was broken. The soffit was replaced that day. Two days later, two drywall installers arrived to repair the ceilings. Repair work took two days. On the second day only one drywall installer arrived to complete the repair/repaint project in both the bedroom and bathroom ceiling. The bedroom ceiling was repaired very well. During the paint process we realized that the paint we supplied was not the right color. We informed the repairman to just leave the paint job and we will finish it in the bedroom. However the repair work in the bathroom was not done satisfactorily. The mudding process was not evenly sanded out. There was also paint spattered on the north wall. These discrepancies are clearly visible. After six hours the repairman was done. The quality of work was sub-standard. I will have to improve and complete the ceiling work and repaint the spots on the wall in the bathroom. Aside from the quality of work of the drywall installer, he left both rooms a mess and he came unprepared. We were left with a mess to clean up as well. The installer did not come prepared. He lacked simple items such as safety glasses, measuring tape, and paint tray. Perhaps this aspect could be improved in the future as it will be great for customer service and future references. While I am satisfied with the product, the swiftness of installing the new roof and the damage caused leads me to question the quality of the work. Time will tell. The quality of labor and failure to clean up after work of the drywall installer are unsatisfactory.
Reviewed by Martin W. in Livonia, MI
Job well done, nice work, good clean up.
Reviewed by Richard K. in Southfield, MI
great job by entire team
Reviewed by Jeffrey D. in West Bloomfield, MI
First of all they did what they said they were going to do without breaking the bank. Great Price, Great People, and Great Work. I would hire them again without any reservation.
Reviewed by Stephen W. in Dexter, MI
End result: great job, super price, top quality materials, on time, friendly crew. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat. Needed total roof replacement of almost 6,000 sq. ft. on this BIG house we own. I got seven estimates, with Best Choice being the lowest among them, and distilled out the exact shingles, sub-roofing materials, ridge vent, etc., that I wanted. Best Choice easily agreed to install whatever it was I wanted, saying that they were "installers", not roofing salesmen looking to make extra profit on the sale of the materials. The sales agreement (contract) already contained almost all of the language I wanted, so it was clear this company knew what they were doing. I was somewhat hesitant, because their $$ quote was the lowest I negotiated. But we all take a leap of faith in hiring someone for a large project like this, and I went with Best Choice. They were really great from start to finish. They were on time and worked from dawn to dusk, protected my house below from falling debris, cared for my gardens, trees and shrubs, were always polite, helpful, and the crew went out of their way to do a great job. I had a "bullet list" at the end and they addressed each and every item. I also appreciated the time they took to answer all my questions along the way, so I learned a lot about my roof, too. Five stars.