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Reviewed by Minerva R. in Clermont, FL
Juliana was patient, hard working and got the job done. It look wonderful and I am so happy.
Reviewed by Heather S. in Orlando, FL
Juliana is the best! She gave me direction, ideas, motivation and a structure I can build on and maintain on my own. I had a great time working with her and she helped me get things done that I had been working on for years!! She's calming, yet energetic. She didn't even slow down after the 7 hours I was working with her,( and she had also run errands for supplies). This was the best gift I have ever given myself and my family because I'm not stressed out about the "problem areas" in my home anymore.
Reviewed by Robyn K. in Windermere, FL
For Valentine's Day, I surprised my spouse by having the garage organized by an amazing Professional Organizer!!!! Juliana (321) 946-2180 was skilled, professional and considerate of our needs, as a family. It was worth every penny I spent! Juliana not only gave us back the use of the garage as a functional space, but she taught me how to keep everything arranged and organized. Which, I am the first to admit how scatter-brained and lazy I can be, but her techniques and design give me the knowledge to keep it up! Even my boys (age 7 & 10) can keep the space clean & organized! Juliana listened to what we needed and set up different "areas" of storage and most importantly, for the kids, a charging station for the go-karts and electric scooters. She even made sure the regular bikes and scooters have a place! Our camping gear has shelves and tubs to go in. The "ramps", vacuum, and brooms/mops have their own "area" too. On the "tool" side of the garage, she neatly organized the spare tile, wood, and lawn/garden tools. I couldn't believe how perfectly organized the "sprinkler" drawer has become. All the spray paints, house paints, bug spray, garden supplies, car supplies, etc... Now have a spot and are organized. All my spouse's tools are so neat and organized that we will not have to buy the same tool again because we couldn't find it... Because now we can find them all!!!!! I'm gushing, I know... But this was the best money I could spend on the garage. Juliana's organizing was a dream come true!!! She was very affordable too! (321) 946-2180 I wish I took before pictures, but I was too embarrassed. Attached are some after pictures.
Reviewed by Patricia C. in Windermere, FL
Wish I would have found her sooner! Juliana is excellent. Of course I feel I should be able to organize my own stuff - BUT I DON"T DO IT! She has tons of good ideas, and doesn't let you get away with keeping stuff you'll never lose. She helped me greatly with all my office stuff and paperwork, etc plus laundry, linen closet, bedroom closet, junk drawers, etc. Do not hesitate - makes such a big difference to my state of mind to be in control. Plus she is very fun!
Reviewed by Jennifer W. in Altamonte Springs, FL
Juliana is a wonderful professional organizer. She is a workhorse and will help you to get your things in order for sure. I would highly recommend working with her.
Reviewed by Gary S. in Windermere, FL
We had both a wonderful and constructive experience working with Orlando Home Organizer. Juliana was not only extremely knowledgeable about getting organized, but she was also a delight to work with. Gary S.