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Reviewed by Melina C. in Las Vegas, NV
Very informative, excellent service, fixed issues. Accommodated our schedule and reasonably priced. Will use again for future needs. Thank you!
Reviewed by Ronnie K. in Las Vegas, NV
Mike Baird answered the phone on Sunday and arranged appt for Monday. He was prompt, good communication skills, and an expert in computer technology. He solved the problem quickly and professionally.
Reviewed by Leslie M. in Henderson, NV
On time. Was able to do everything I asked and offered additional suggestions. No hard sell so very comfortable experience.
Reviewed by Thomas S. in Henderson, NV
On time. Fixed everything. Showed me options but did not push me to buy anything. Very good price. I would diffently recommend them
Reviewed by Patricia M. in Henderson, NV
They were on time. understood my problems and quickly resolved my issues. Great experience
Reviewed by Garry S. in Las Vegas, NV
I called The Computer Guys after checking them out here, on Home Advisor, to fix my computer. Mike called me back promptly, and we set up an appointment for him to come over that same day. My computer was running horribly, slow as in 10 times slower that normal, and frequently freezing up causing me to have to re-boot several times a day. Mike cleaned it up for me and it's now running about as good as when new! Not only was the price very right, Mike turns out to be a regular guy who is friendly, courteous and actually someone with whom I hope has become a good friend. I would advise anyone who has problems of any kind with computers to call The Computer Guys! They're very good, and best of all, HONEST!
Reviewed by Lory S. in Henderson, NV
Very friendly and good to chat with, knew his work.
Reviewed by Karen K. in Henderson, NV
Great service and very friendly
Reviewed by Dilma C. in Las Vegas, NV
Computer repair. The quality of work I would rate excellent. Excellent. The value for money was more than fair. Just call them if you need. No regrets.
Reviewed by Todd F. in Henderson, NV
My wife and I were distressed that our two desktop computers were running very slow and one unit had absolutely zero hard drive space remaining. We did some research on computer businesses in our area and made a few phone calls. If you have been down some of the same paths we have, you know that it is nerve racking to find someone honest, dependable and knowledgeable in the Las Vegas valley.. To our great relief we found Michael Baird with The Computer Guys!! We were very happy with Michael Baird's initial visit! He was exactly on time and prepared to go over some options with us. He said to me, "I am honest and will work to save you money.". He did exactly that! Instead of a dozen recommendations for new hardware, upgrades, etc.. he said we should only consider replacing the hard drive with a larger solid state drive. It was actually me that decided to go to the larger 1TB drive for both computers. Michael ordered them from our system and used his personal discount code! When the drives arrived a couple of days later, Michael picked up both systems to copy all files, install the drives and returned them the very next day, again exactly at the time he said he would be at our home! He also loaded free antivirus software and ran a complete diagnostic on both units to verify we didn't have any issues. Now both computers are running perfectly and we couldn't be happier! Many thanks for Michael's superb assistance and his genuine good nature and honesty!! We highly recommend Michael and The Computer Guys to anyone looking for quality work and honest solutions to your computer problems. Michael, Thank You for your excellent work! You are a professional! Sincerely submitted, Todd F