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Reviewed by Bob P. in Odessa, TX
Do not trust the initial bid, but expect the basic bait and switch approach. Lost a lot of small items, knobs, wheels, broken picture frames, etc. unable to collect due to weight issue vs. payment. Tried calling the individual that made the initial setup....never in the office strangely.
Reviewed by Robert R. in McKinney, TX
Very good explanation of costs up front. Charge solely by cubic foot so when my pack out was larger than estimated they immediately called to confirm higher price was o.k. Good communication with trucker by text as to when shipment would arrive. Unfortunately that was fairly late one evening and the guys were in a hurry to unload and be done for the day. All a little chaotic and I had to sign off on papers before the actual unloading started. I wasn't able to organize the unload into my storage facility as well as I had hoped, but no real issues.
Reviewed by Jim H. in Marshall, TX
Thier communication is sorry. They mislead you about delivery times and fees. They basically hold your belongings for ransom to charge more than quoted. They mislead and lie to you throughout the entire process. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!
Reviewed by Joan M. in Prosper, TX
The actual move: pack, load, unload, and unpack was close to perfect. Great teams on both ends. The communications with the office was a little lacking. My advice is to be sure to read and ask questions until you are absolutely sure you understand. Their contract isnít clear especially on the timing of your pickup and delivery. They are a good moving company, and they arenít cheating you. But we had a couple misunderstandings that worked out fine, but caused stress at the time.
Reviewed by Sally S. in Duncanville, TX
The salesman came to our home and gave a binding quote for partial pack. When the movers came to pack and load the manager said it was full pack and charged us $1500 more. The price was $500 more than salesmanís binding quote for full pack. We had to be out of the house so felt we had no choice but to pay the higher amount. Furniture was delivered in the dark. Movers were in a hurry. Bed was put together wrong and all lamp shades were damaged. No other breakage.
Reviewed by Christine J. in Fort Worth, TX
Great customer service - definite recommend
Reviewed by Ashton R. in Woodland Hills, CA
Definitely happy with those movers. They packed all the belongings so quick and also made sure nothing would break. The crew was professional and nice. They showed up 30 minutes in advance and were fast. Also the price was as a quoted and delivery time as a stated in the contract. Thanks a lot guys.
Reviewed by Denchik M. in Los Angeles, CA
As a returning client i can only say thanks for been so professional with my move. It took less time than you quoted and also the price was exactly as you promissed. Definitely it was a bit stressful but everything turned out good. Thanks again
Reviewed by Clara S. in Nevada, TX
The office staff was wonderful, very helpful. The crew that loaded our furniture were also very nice. I did realize later that when they did the inventory of my furniture I really don't know some of the things they listed, could not read or understand their writing. The unloading crew pretty much acted like they already had my money so they did not care how it came off the truck or where it went. Just hurry up and get it done to get out of here. They only set up the beds, not other things I was told they would set up.
Reviewed by Mark B. in Woodland Hills, CA
I was very happy with these guys - highly recommended. They turned up and were friendly and working hard from the first moment. They were really efficient and had the place empty in next to no time. We were worried about picking a mover after a bad experience last time, but we will definitely return to these guys next time we need to move.