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Reviewed by Gary A. in Cape Coral, FL
After experiencing poor service from another pool and lawn service company, we were very pleased to have found Surf N Turf Pro. Tom and Fernando are very professional and answer all questions you may have. I like that they scrub the sides of the pool more often than other pool services. They are prompt and there every week without fail. The fact that I don't have to worry about them showing up is a relief in itself. I would recommend Surf N Turf Pro to my friends and family.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Bridgeport, NY
Very professional and personable service. My pool always looks great!
Reviewed by Joann N. in Cape Coral, FL
Surf and Turf has been providing pool care for me for several months now. Fernando and his employees are extremely professional, they answer any questions I may have and they are here every week without fail. My pool has never been in such good shape and now is a thing to enjoy instead of worry about. No more weekly trips to the pool place to have water tested and wonder if what they are telling me (and selling me) is accurate. I highly recommend this company.
Reviewed by Kelly B. in Springfield, MA
Following unsatisfactory experiences with other pool and lawn care companies, we were in search of professional, knowledgable, and reliable service providers. Fernando Carvalho offered all of those qualities and more, so when he let us know he was merging his independent company and establishing Surf N Turf Pro, LLC, we welcomed the opportunity to become customers. Overall, we have been very pleased with this company. We know we can depend on Surf N Turf Pro, LLC and feel confident in the quality and consistency of the services we've received.
Reviewed by Doreen B. in Cape Coral, FL
Surf N Turf Pro is a fantastic company and have done an amazing job helping my patient keep the outside of her house looking amazing. Even more the owner, Tom, is a great person. My patient had an emergency with the pool Christmas morning and Tom came right over to help me. The pool tech, Joe, is very friendly and I feel he truly looks out for my patient's pool equipment to run efficiently, and most of all Joe cares! Choose Surf and Turf Pro and I am confident you will be just as pleased with this caring and honest company.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Cape Coral, FL
The are punctual and always does a great job, they go over and above helping us and explaining each service that they have done. When they do the work the always clean up after the work is done so nothing is left behind for us to clean.