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Reviewed by a homeowner in Longmont, CO
I had a bad dryer vent connection that was leaking lint into the walls and air into the laundry room. The layout was tricky because framing and electrical were so close to the duct work, and other issues. J.D. and Kyle came out to do the job and were friendly and professional. They customized a DryerBox receptacle to fit the space and got a good seal. It looks better than when they came, and works much much better. They said they told their dispatcher it would be a 2 hour job but because of all the weird layout and the need to customize the part it took them longer but they never seemed like they were rushing through it to get to the next job or anything, I felt they were taking their time to do the job right. We?ve run a good number of loads through the dryer and the fix is holding up. I was happy with the solution they came up with, and feel they helped me get great value for my money. I?ll finish by mentioning their communication and punctuality was very good. It?s hard to find contractors like that.
Reviewed by Courde F. in Johnstown, CO
Very knowledgeable and professional always explain what they are going to in advance
Reviewed by David D. in Fort Collins, CO
Very personable, caring, knowledgeable of his trade and explained work clearly. Efficient in finishing work as stated. Would not hesitate to use again!
Reviewed by Rosa J. in lasall, co, CO
I was happy with their cleaning and very respectful. I was disappointed that the person that came out to give me an estimate aromatic add an insurance of 299.00 without asking first.
Reviewed by Betty D. in Windsor, CO
On the spot,did what they said they would do in a timely manner! Very knowledgeable staff...very impressed!
Reviewed by Lee N. in Greeley, CO
Reviewed by Greg H. in Fort Collins, CO
Roberts Heating and Air (Benjamin Franklin Plumbing) came out to our house last night 10/29/2017 at around 9:45. We had the service rep, look at our leaking water heater. He said he could fix it and replace it with the same water heater which was a Rheem Water Heater 50 gallon. We contacted Benjamin Franklin because their name was on a label on the water heater and they installed this brand of water heater when the house was built in 2005 and we are the original owners of the house. We asked the service rep several times whether this was a "Rheem" water heater that he was going to use from his truck to replace the old one- He said it was the "SAME Water heater 50 gallon". After installation, we discovered he installed a "American Water Heater" which is not the same as a Rheem Water heater. In addition "Matt" provided no invoice with the name of the water heater or the name of the company he was representing. Matt had said it was the same water heater that we had already installed by them in 2005 when house was built-Not So. In addition Roberts Heating and Air (Benjamin Franklin Plumbing) submitted to us a bill for $2,966.00- for an inferior water heater. The bill showed just the dispatch fee of $89.00 and the $2,966.0 without an indication of the amount we were paying for the water heater and the labor. They also did not give us any paperwork on a warranty we purchased and the warranty was not listed on the invoice. We had a completely different water heater installed for $2,966.00 and we have no idea of what the labor cost, where the invoice was (no paperwork) and zero information on what they were charging for a water heater that we have never heard of. Finally found this "water heater" Roberts Plumbing and Heating installed on the Internet. It is a "Premier Plus Tall Atmospheric Vent Natural" listed at $496.00 at Barnett (A Home Depot Company).
Reviewed by Court G. in Estes Park, CO
I would have had them replace the themostat but they didn't have one on the their truck. Everything else was great.
Reviewed by Daniel S. in Bellvue, CO
Just over two months ago I called and asked somebody to come and fix my direct vent wall mount propane furnace. They sent a 'price guy' soon after. Not what I asked for. Ok, we decided it would be a good idea to just get a new one. So he got his little computer out and we figured out what I needed and how much it would cost. A few weeks later they came to install an entirely incompatible furnace. He had to go back. So I told them I no longer required their services. I put $2,000 down October 20. Today is November 9 and I am still calling trying to get my money back. I'm two steps away from taking them to court. Update 11/16/17 I got my money back. I still did not have a good experience with Roberts Heading and Air
Reviewed by Robert P. in Estes Park, CO