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Reviewed by a homeowner in Littleton, CO
Reviewed by Alex R. in Littleton, CO
Very courteous and professional! On time, explained what he was doing, did good work. Busy Bee is now my regular HVAC company!
Reviewed by a homeowner in Denver, CO
Honest and professional. Little more expensive than others but did a price match for us.
Reviewed by Thomas L. in Littleton, CO
There was an issue with HomeAdvisor scheduling and phone number of record. So, I had to call due to not being there at the HomeAdvisor scheduled time. We were able to resolve the conflict and they came right out and were still within the two hours window. They found the issue and made the fix within 30 minutes. I thought all was great. Then 2 days later the leak was still there... they saw my review on another site and contacted me, which I thought was nice. They scheduled to com look at their work for free (I would hope so since its still leaking so the valve replacement is not a fix if still leaking). They did not arrive as scheduled, 2 hours late they called and said they would have to reschedule because I had to leave for work after waiting an extra 2 hours they wanted to still come out! I said I would get hold of them the following week as I travel for my business. So, I text the guy, we agreed on a day. He text me and said he would be there between 8am and 10am. I got a call at Noon that he was on his way! Are you kidding me, I actually am in a customer service business, as well. I would be out of business if I treated my clients like this... I told them 3 strikes, I was going to find someone else to fix what they did... No, I would not recommend. PS I have all the saved text messages! Wendy
Reviewed by a homeowner in Denver, CO
The tech who did the work on the furnace was quick and proficient. Custom service was informative when the tech was running late and called with updates.
Reviewed by Tonya S. in Littleton, CO
The team at Busy Bee were extremely responsive and came out as quickly as possible. Our heat was completely out. They were straight up with us and our options and were able to address the multitude of questions we had with high efficiency and other alternatives. We ended up replacing our entire HVAC system which the A/C will be done this Spring. They are knowledgeable and know the market. While we didn't have the opportunity to price shop, we are confident that we got the best possible pricing.
Reviewed by Trevor N. in Denver, CO
Busy Bee completed the job on time and on budget to a high level of quality. They were clean and courteous throughout and our new boiler and water heater don't just work well, the final installation looks really clean and professional as well, which I really value. True pros.
Reviewed by Bob P. in Denver, CO
Great service! On time. Tech was knowledgable and fixed the problem quickly and at a fair price. I will use Busy Bee again!
Reviewed by Kelsey R. in Denver, CO
Reviewed by Barret W. in Arvada, CO
Courteous, clean, efficient, knowledgeable polite. We will use them for future jobs and refer our friends, neighbors, and family.