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Reviewed by Bergel Z. in Olympia, WA
This service is wonderful. Don not only responded right away, he and his crew were on tome and went beyond expectations. They were all personable and professional. Even when Don came across a mess neither of us anticipated, he didn't flinch. He supple scrubbed it up and moved on. There ate so many things that looked good and felt good. It's an exceptional cleaning service with heart.
Reviewed by Patrick W. in Dupont, WA
Maid UR Day cleaning is an example of a truly honest company founded on customer service and satisfaction above all else. The company offers a wide variety of services covered under a broad but honest up-front estimate based on square footage. Customers wishing for a specific estimate based on not just the square footage but also the level of cleaning needed have the opportunity to have one of this company's professionals come to you and give you a thorough assessment. When you call Maid UR Day cleaners, you'll receive a quick callback if you don't reach a customer service professional--or even the owner--immediately. They are more than happy to deal with specific questions regarding the services they provide, and can provide an itemized receipt with specific areas that were taken care of--especially important for clients who are preparing for a move-out inspection. Maid UR Day bundles your home cleaning, touch-up painting, and chemical shampoo carpet cleaning with a pretty hefty discount. These folks have been in the customer service business for a long time, and it's apparent, reflected in their concern for satisfaction and reputation above all.
Reviewed by Rhonda H. in Lacey, WA
Amazing company. The customer service was absolutely amazing. 3 people came in ready for a war and took care of my home. This was a one time originally, but this was so great I now have it once a month. Never gotten this kind of amazing service
Reviewed by Yvette m P. in lacey, WA
It's Friday,end of work week and it feels so good to come home to an Exceptionally Clean house!Don, Tami & Crew have done an INCREDIBLE job!!! Thanks Guys...
Reviewed by a homeowner in Olympia, WA
Contacted them on Christmas day thinking they would call me the next morning... Don called right away and got me on the schedule! They were prompt, polite and personable. I have hired them long-term because my house looks amazing!
Reviewed by Jeffrey W. in Lacey, WA
These folks were great! They had a big job to do and they got it done quickly and with quality work. Don, the contractor who initially replied to my request, was friendly and professional. I will definitely hire them again in the future.
Reviewed by Marti W. in Olympia, WA
All three of the workers were awesome! I will definitely hire them again!
Reviewed by Pat S. in Olympia, WA
They were highly professional and did an amazing job. Personable too! I was very very pleased when they left. I first inquired on windows and I was so impressed with the owner and his company it turned into a window, house cleaning project and more.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Olympia, WA
I highly recommend this company for anyone in need of a maid service in your home! They are super friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and they do a really great job! They are also very reasonably priced for the services offered, and flexible in suiting our specific needs. I have hired big name cleaning companies in the past, and their customer service was horrible, they weren't in the least bit flexible, and their prices were quite high. I love the idea that Maid Ur Day Cleaning is run by a small, local husband and wife team. Most of all I love the work they do and their friendly service. Again, I highly recommend them!!
Reviewed by Susan C. in Olympia, WA
The four staff people sent by Maid UR Day did an unbelievably great job. They came in and started immediately, stayed on course. It was actually a turnover cleaning but there was still belongings and furniture. They cleaned EVERYTHING, quiet, professional, really professional. They cleaned the home like they would clean their own. They just kept moving and checking with each other and didn't miss anything. I was amazed, tired just watching them because it was a long job.