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Reviewed by Patti D. in New Port Richey, FL
Patti d.
Reviewed by Marjorie J. in Winter Haven, FL
Daniel-sales rep very pushy.only wanted an estimate.I got an estimate from 2 other roofers and RTE was twice the price of others.he said he would go after my ins. co. and I would only have to pay my deductable. so I went with him.my son also went with him because I did and has problems with Dan as well, but that his his story to tell. Starts off with the top he put on that looked like garbage bags flying around.called Dan he agreed and sent someone out to tac them down. the guy that came out put his ladder up against my gutters and crushed it. sent photo of it to Dan and called him. he was very rude as if i shouldnt be upset over damage to my property. he must of thought about it becuse the next day he called to apologize. work was suppose to start on or before 12/24/17. we were going on vacation so I emailed Dan to make sure the work would be done. he assured me when I came home they would be starting on the roof. well I came home and they were not there. Dan never called to explain why. so I called him and he said he was having a hard time getting a permit. what they dont know is i called the permit office and they got the permit on 12/18/17. so that was a lie. he called and said they would be out the next day.the next day the roofer Carlos showed up with the supplies he would need to do my roof. next thing I know Brian -president of the storm div. calls me and said "am I going to have a problem with you tomorrow. I said what the heck are you talking about? he said I heard that you were going to sue us. I again said what are you talking about, if I was going to sue I would just do it not talk about it. he then said what did I and Carlos talk about then. I said we talked about the gutters and that was it. he said that he heard from a 3rd party that I planned on suing.I asked him how he could of heard from a 3rd party that wasnt even here and that he should check his sourses before you call and acuse a customer of something that did not happen. the next day I had to call him and his whole demeanor changed and was nice as pie and in all fairness has been since. Carlos did a nice job. however they did a change order and charged me an extra $420 for five pcs of plywood in which they did not use 5pcs. at this point I paid it to have this night mare be over with. I was lied to by Dan about the permit, talked to by Dan and Brian that no customer should be talked to as well of being accused of something that never happened. for these reasons alone I never ever recommend them to anyone and sorry that in the beggining before all these things happened that I had my son hire them. for a company that charges twice the amount of other roofers you would think they would treat their customers better.
Reviewed by Shaon H. in Wesley Chapel, FL
Chip, the Company Representative was outstanding. The roofers themselves were non-English speaking and had to be told everything to do regarding cleanup. I have a trampoline in the backyard and told Alec, the Foreman I was concerned about nails around the trampoline. He said they went around the house twice with the magnetic roller. We never seen them do this but, I did see one of the workers walking around picking up stuff with a bucket. They had to be told to blow the roof debris from the lanai and the trampoline. They did the lanai but not the trampoline. I have found 6 nails around the trampoline and 1 on the trampoline. Good roofers but, I would say to just be diligent with them about clean up.
Reviewed by Elizabeth E. in Riverview, FL
So glad they told me to take everything off walls that could fall. Very noisy so go shopping or visit a friend. It is construction so don't look at the mess. They will do a really good job cleaning up.
Reviewed by Margaret C. in Hudson, FL
I've been waiting since my new roof was finished in Oct. for Ridgetop Exteriors, LLC to call for an Inspection from Pasco County Fl. I keep checking to see if there has been an inspection ordered, and am constantly told NO,because the Company has Not turned in all the County need's to do an inspection. I contacted Corporate and they say they sent Everything the County needed. Someone is NOT telling the TRUTH! Thanks for nothing.Margaret. I forgot to mention the reason for my wanting a new roof was so I could get Home Insurance.I am still waiting for the inspection so I can get that done!!
Reviewed by Wallace N. in Tampa, FL
Ridgetop Exteriors (Chris) came out and explained the entire roof project and all materials that were to be used. Although they were not the cheapest they did offer the best warranty on material and labor. They completed the tear off and reroof in 1 day then the gutter crew came out a few days later and installed the gutters. All of the work has passed the permit inspections and it looks great. It has only been a week and I am already getting compliments. I will be recommending them to anyone I know who will be installing a new roof.
Reviewed by John C. in Tampa, FL
They gave me a contract for 3 windows and a door to be replaced and then 2 weeks later called and said they had made a mistake on the bid and needed $1300 more but would settle for $670 more. I informed them that I do not do business that way and cancelled the contract. They owe me my $1,000 deposit back. I cannot trust someone who inspects the house twice and still can't make a contract binding. Needless to say, I doubt if the mistake had been the other way around if I would have been offered anything at all. Trust has to be a major part of any business relationship or contract - and Ii do not trust Ridgetop Exteriors.
Reviewed by Patrick L. in Wesley Chapel, FL
UPDATE: originally we were very pleased with how this process started. However, almost immediately things changed. Ridgetop showed up and left without warning. They left our yard littered with nails. The removed soffits and did not replace for over a month. They never had ANY inspections completed throughout the process and failed the final. An absolute terrible experience and massively overpriced. We are so disappointed
Reviewed by Everett M. in Apollo Beach, FL
Reviewed by Brandon B. in Valrico, FL
When I contacted them they had a project manager on site to look over the job I needed done. With-in the hour of her arrival she had an estimate that was with-in my planned budget. At first she said it might take 6-8 weeks until they could start job. But she told her boss that roof was in very bad condition and leaking heavily. I was contacted in a week and they completed the job the same day. During work a board fell and cracked the water line and they are currently repairing the damage.