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Reviewed by Linda C. in Woodstock, GA
They did a good job especially cleaning up but felt the price was high
Reviewed by a homeowner in Marietta, GA
These guys did a great job! Time was not on my side with a severely damaged tree. They showed up the same day for a estimate and did the work the following day. No damage to any structures. Price was great and had proof of insurance. Cleaned up and made it look like nothing happened. The crew was friendly, polite, and professional. Have already recommended them to some of my clients.
Reviewed by James S. in Woodstock, GA
I am very pleased with the work performed--the workers did an exceptional job and were very friendly and courteous. I would have given the organization a 5.0 rating on everything but originally they were supposed to come on July 24 at 8 am and didn't show up. We called and they scheduled us for the following day--same result, NO SHOW!! Called and talked with the owner. He was GREAT and scheduled us for July 31. Today the crew arrived and did a great job. I would definitely recommend this tree service. Too bad I am not able to give them a perfect score.
Reviewed by David C. in Kennesaw, GA
Some lawn damage, not terrible. Logs were left for 12 days rather than a couple. Some minor damage to a shed roof.
Reviewed by Susan G. in Acworth, GA
Management double booked my day and time. My concern was my boat. I had been assured that the boat could be moved by them, if it was there. My son took the boat and was gone on the day they were to be at my house. They didn't come. My son and the boat came home three days later. They scheduled me for service when my boat would be here and they would have to move it. I was assured that they were excellent at moving things on a trailer so I didn't worry. While moving the boat, they squashed the trailer hitch. They were called and have failed to come out and inspect. I even sent pictures. Again failed to come out and make things right. The cutters on the other hand, did an excellent job and cleaned up their mess. Except for my neighbors yard. They cut their trees also and failed to remove the logs that they promised to come and get. Just too busy I guess. Either way the management is worse than the workers. I learned a lesson do not pay until everything is inspected.
Reviewed by Elaine B. in Woodstock, GA
I had a large cherry tree removed. I was contacted quickly to schedule an estimate and the work was done soon after. Prices were in line with estimates I had received from other companies. Went with this company because they were the most courteous and answered all my questions about the work and pricing. The crew of workers was efficient and professional. Bravo Tree also coordinated the work for the stump grinding and scheduled it for the same day. Justin and Travis stayed on site until the work was completed, including the clean up of the yard and driveway. I am very satisfied with the work and would recommend this company.
Reviewed by Ernest K. in Marietta, GA
Great guys. Good price. Would use them again, and probably will. Already recommended them to my neighbor. $3,500 for as many trees as we could take down.
Reviewed by Richard K. in Kennesaw, GA
I used Bravo for a one and a half day contract. The tree cutting team led by Rico was great. The team was hard working and very fast. There was no wasted time. The cutters were easy to talk with and were willing change the plan when I asked them. Great group.
Reviewed by Christina M. in Marietta, GA
They arrived at my home within 2 hours of my request for service. The work was scheduled and was completed a day before I anticipated. They were not pushy or aggressive but very professional. they may not have the highest rating on HomeAdvisor and for that I'm surprised
Reviewed by a homeowner in Marietta, GA