Reviewed by Sandy J. in Denver, CO
The problem with my phone line was not easy to find. The person who came to fix my phone line worked hard to find the problem and finally fixed it. I am completely satisfied with the repair and the cost for the job.
Reviewed by William W. in Denver, CO
I did not get helped I needed .
Reviewed by Janica/jordan W. in Franktown, CO
Tom Valdez was flexible about the appointment date and time, and was punctual. We are completely satisfied with the work he did for us. He is very nice and polite too!
Reviewed by Kyle H. in Denver, CO
He finally got the new universal remote working on the third trip. He was persistent, guess he just wasn't familia with the product.
Reviewed by Frances H. in Denver, CO
He able to fix my stero in minutes.
Reviewed by Sharon H. in Littleton, CO
He was completely knowledgeable and kept moving from phone jack to phone jack, changing wiring as needed. He never slowed down! Repaired everything and did not disturb a thing in my house. Very courteous, but wasted no time in conversation. Nice man, great work ethic. He fixed something the phone company refused to even look at, denying there was a problem at all. A job well done, made me very happy.
Reviewed by Nadine C. in Colorado Springs, CO
I had a tangled nightmare of wires after my move. It was taken care of very nicely and everything works perfectly and it only took an hour!
Reviewed by Christian H. in Denver, CO
Tom is in a league of his own. He communicates very well and he gets the job done quickly. I needed the power input on my laptop replaced ASAP. He picked it up on Tuesday afternoon and dropped it back off to me on Thursday evening. He easily could have told me Friday but, instead, he brought it to me at 9pm Thursday night because he knew I needed it. He also helped me replace my power cord and battery, and cleaned my fan (for free). His pricing is very reasonable and he is a great guy in general. Tom went above and beyond to fix my computer. He is now the only person I will call with computer issues. I highly recommend.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Littleton, CO
Very professional quality of work
Reviewed by Erica K. in Lone Tree, CO
Tom came over right away and took care of our speaker system. He was courteous and prompt.