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Reviewed by Brian S. in Surprise, AZ
Excellent from start to finish including 2 extra tune-ups included for future need as well as recheck final inspection a week after installation. Good on time service, good advance notice from office, good crew working together with cross checking and excellent lead person drawing up an attic portion of the plan for increased efficiency. Better not let that fellow slip away from the company
Reviewed by Christine B. in Sun Lakes, AZ
Tech was knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.
Reviewed by Nina J. in Chandler, AZ
Tech is experienced and helpful.
Reviewed by Marianne T. in Phoenix, AZ
The A/C tech we hired performed a good job. He took the time to explain/answer questions we had for him, he was professional, courteous & personable!
Reviewed by Anthony T. in Glendale, AZ
This was basically an inspection which identified condenser fan motor causing stress on compressor, I accepted the recommendation and scheduled the work for next day. Sean seemed to be very knowledgeable and overall I was satisfied with the work . Also customer service in particular Erin was outstanding.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Sun Lakes, AZ
This was not an emergency. Checkup only. They were unable to get to the appointment twice because of workload so they discounted the charge to $49.95. I thought that was good business practice. I'd use them again.
Reviewed by Abhay P. in Phoenix, AZ
Even during the busiest time of the year (July in Phoenix), Hoffman scheduled an experienced tech to come out the very next day. Aaron was very competent, knowledgeable, and friendly. He took care of a rather complicated issue in a very professional and timely manner. I was impressed and signed up for Hoffman's annual plan. Unfortunately, another issue arose in a week or so. Again, Hoffman scheduled Aaron to come back out the next day. Again, he took care of the issue and to my great surprise didn't charge me anything for the second visit despite it taking him nearly 2 hours to diagnose and repair the problem saying that he should have looked for it during his first visit! Really. Who does that anymore in this day and age? It is hard to find an A/C company that is trustworthy, timely, and customer-focused. Hoffman definitely met and exceeded those criteria. So much so that I canceled my Home Warranty plan after waiting for 2 weeks for someone to call and schedule an appointment and when I learned that they had automatically canceled the dispatch without bothering to inform me! Good thing I had already gotten the work done through Hoffman.
Reviewed by a homeowner in Gilbert, AZ
Very knowledgeable and caring.
Reviewed by Hillary A. in Phoenix, AZ
The tech we had was very thorough with trying to diagnose the problem we had. He was unable to pinpoint the problem, although he had alternative suggestions for the unit. We were happy with the way he handled the situation, we would call them again.
Reviewed by Jennifer E. in Mesa, AZ
They were so wonderful to work with. Even though it was a lot of money to completely put in a new air conditioner, it was worth it. They were absolutely accommodating, professional, and offered options which is really rare. I would more than highly recommend them, and we will continue to use them.