Mischa Fisher, Chief Economist

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Mischa Fisher is the Chief Economist for ANGI Homeservices, including HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List.

Prior to joining ANGI, Mr. Fisher was Chief Economist and economic policy advisor to the Governor of Illinois, where he oversaw the state agencies responsible for employment security, economic development, housing, and professional licensing. He was previously a Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce, and a Legislative Director for the United States Congress in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Fisher is passionate about marketplace platforms, job mobility, and residential investment. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics in British Columbia, Canada, and is an instructor in applied quantitative analysis and statistics at Northwestern University.

Recent Posts:

Data Suggests Lower Income Households Prioritize Spending on Home Maintenance

Household spending on remodeling and maintenance expenditures changes as household income increases. Across all household income levels, maintenance spending increases by $2.29 for every additional thousand dollars of income, while remodeling spending increases by $25.44 for every additional thousand dollars of income. However, lower income households put a proportionally higher focus on maintenance spending for…


Home Services is a $500 Billion Dollar Industry

This year we conducted a deep dive into the home service market to develop our own estimate of the total market size, distinguish the home services market from home sales and new home construction, look at some of the fundamental drivers of market growth, and make some predictions about the future.   Using our data…


February Jobs Report – Construction Employment off to a Remarkable Start

February saw continued strength in the labor market, with an increase in total payrolls of 273,000, and specialty trade contractor and residential construction jobs growing by 26,000 and 10,000 new jobs respectively. With the strong January construction numbers, 2020 has already created nearly 100,000 new construction jobs just in the first two months, and the…


These are the Most Planned Home Projects of 2020

Last year in our State of Home Spending report, we asked homeowners what are the top three projects they plan to complete in 2020. According to those homeowners, the top three most planned projects of 2020 are: bathroom remodels, landscaping, and new flooring. Over the past several years, we have consistently seen bathroom remodels as…


Two Important Lessons from Job Creation in 2019

December 2019 job creation was 145,000 The unemployment rate remained unchanged at a very low 3.5% Construction employment’s share of total employment ticked up to This morning marks the close of 2019’s job creation streak, and also serves as a frist glimpse at what to expect in 2020. December’s numbers – and 2019 collectively –…


The Biggest Trend in Housing Economics?

There are all sorts of ways to look at and understand the dynamics of ownership characteristics within the housing market: new houses under construction, new houses sold, existing houses sold, the comparative mix of types of housing, the sales price of housing, average mortgage sizes, and a myriad of other metrics. Going deeper into understanding…


The September Employment Situation – Fall Fear Relieved

A bad string of manufacturing numbers reignited recessionary fears this week, but the growth of 136,000 jobs in September this morning serves as a timely reminder that a recession is not a foregone conclusion. There are five important things we need to keep in mind going into the fall: First, the September unemployment rate of…