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Design Gallery: Kitchens

Looking for ideas for your Kitchens project? The Kitchens design gallery has Kitchens project photos and project descriptions to help you envision and plan your next big home improvement.

Colonial Kitchen

Colonial kitchens are remnants of the early days in our country and are often found in older Northeastern homes.

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are the most common kitchen in the country today.

Country Kitchen

Country kitchens are characterized by their warm wide-beamed wood flooring as well as white-washed wood trim and cabinets.

Lodge Kitchen

Lodge kitchens are known for their exposed wooden beams, open spaces, and natural lighting.

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens embody urban chic with sleek lines, metallic finishes and appliances, as well as minimal lighting.

Southwestern Kitchen

Southwestern kitchens are reminiscent of other southwestern styles with lots of vivid color, tile designs and arched doorways.

Traditional Southern Kitchen

Traditional southern kitchens are very rare kitchens which take their design from kitchens in the American South in the 1800's.

Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan kitchens feature Italian-inspired design and form.

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