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Design Gallery: Windows

Looking for ideas for your Windows project? The Windows design gallery has Windows project photos and project descriptions to help you envision and plan your next big home improvement.

Arched Windows

With their distinctive overhead curves, arched windows are beautiful additions to most any room.

Bay Windows

Bay windows project out beyond your exterior wall to create the illusion of a bigger interior.


Sometimes called "casing", casement refers to the molding and wood trim around doors and windows.

Door Windows

Door windows are installed when the door is being made, but this window doesn't have to just be a square.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows feature an upper and lower sash which slide vertically past each other in a single frame.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows can't be opened, but they can provide beautiful, unobstructed views.

Horizontal Slider Windows

Think of a double hung window turned on its side and you have a horizontal slider window.

Picture Windows

One large fixed glass in the center, often flanked by smaller windows at each side that can be opened for ventilation.

Single Hung Windows

Traditional in appearance, single-hung windows slide vertically and are reminiscent of old style sash windows.

Skylight Windows

A skylight is basically a window in a roof, and its frame is designed to withstand the rigors of weather.

Stained or Specialty Glass Windows

Custom windows are windows that are in odd shapes or require specific designs.

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