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Alliance Testing and Environmental Group, LLC

520 Innsbrook Drive, Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 798-6540
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Alliance Testing and Environmental Group, LLC, has been in business since 2006 and they specialize in the Mold and Toxic Material Testing field., Drinking Water & WasteWater Analysis, and offer a Certified Pool Operator for Commercial Pools. Currently we work throughout the great state of South Carolina. So remember Alliance can let you know if you have a mold problem in your home. Mold inspections and mold testing throughout your home or business is a must. Mold and most commonly black mold create the most common indoor air quality complaint - from the smell of "mildew" to the adverse health effects of fungal spores. For most home-owners and home-buyers, the principle environmental concern is mold: And mold can cause serious damage to you property. You may want to call for a mold inspection if you have any of the following issues: Is there a musty smell in your home or building? Are there visible signs of water damage anywhere? Has the building ever suffered a leaking basement? Has the building

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