Bug Busters inc.

6950 146th St. W # 104, St Paul, MN 55124
(800) 247-4002
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Pest Control




History Our company began service on November 10th 1986 in Rochester, Minnesota. Today we have 10 full routes and service east central Minnesota including the greater 10 county metro area of the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. We also service a number of communities in Western Wisconsin. We provide a variety of pest control services from the elimination of rodents to the effective treatment of the vast variety of insects that infest homes and structures. Beginning as "AAA Pest Control", in 1987 we changed our name to "Bug Busters" after the popular movie Ghostbusters. In 1995 we updated our logo and moved on to a name that more correctly defines our mission and more correctly describes what we do as a company: "Environmental Pest Management Systems". Our commitment to excellence is based on our ability and willingness to learn and to adapt. As new methods and safer products emerge, EPMS is continually evaluating their potential use in our service programs. We are affiliated with the Natio

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