Clean Care Pool Service, Inc.

P.O. Box 151692, Cape Coral, FL 33915
(239) 573-2060
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Cape Coral


We have been working for homeowners in the Cape Coral area since 1997 and we pride ourselves also on the quality & reliability of our work & feel that open communication with the homeowner is the best way to exceed your expectations. We will be happy to provide a list of satisfied customers who will give reference to the quality of our work, upon request. So, for the best you can find, give Clean Care Pool Service a call! Did you know: out of balance pool water can cause staining, scaling, "blotchy" finish, finish damage, pump corrosion, heater damage, bather discomfort and risk of infections? Daily storms and super UV sun rays wreak havoc on your pool, your water balance can change drastically every week. Did you know: well water, city water and rain water all affect your pool in different ways? We stock on our service trucks, the solutions to most any problematic water.

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