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Debrino Caulking Associates, Inc.

1304 Route 9, Castleton, NY 12033
(518) 732-7234
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The DeBrino name has been in the forefront of the Construction Industry since 1945. After Ray DeBrino's death in 1977, DeBrino Caulking Associates, Inc., was formed by a few of the employees of Ray's Company. The company is presently owned by one of those employees, Lew Houghtaling. Lew is well known in the caulking and waterproofing field. His technical and field expertise has been instrumental in solving numerous job site problems that arise in the course of construction. Our home office is located in Castleton, NY, just outside of Albany, and we have a Branch Office in Warwick, RI, and warehousing facilities in Worcester, MA. We employ approximately 150 Project Managers, Estimators, Mechanics and administrative personnel. Assignments are made to provide the expertise needed to meet each project's technical and scheduling requirements. DeBrino Caulking Associates Inc. brings, over 29 years of construction experience with a full-time staff of qualified project managers and estimators who have an average prof

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