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Design Enterprises, LLC

P.O. Box 944, Woodenville, WA 98034
(206) 330-7223
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Swimming Pools




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License #: DESIGEL945RK

Expiration: Sat Mar 30 18:00:00 MDT 2013


Design Enterprises, LLC, has been in the swimming pool and spa business for the past 30 years. We serve homeowners as well as commercial apartment builders. We renovate older pools and associated brick, tile, and plaster. We are the only pool contractor that does a special application in which we take out the "old" deck and replace the concrete deck with a sculptured tile surface. This gives the appearance of tile, but is not tile or a stamped or stenciled product. We replace vinyl liners, too. We always prepare appropriately and perform the necessary steps in designing your project so that you won't have to. We begin with the plans for your project and we even handle getting all the necessary permits using our professional engineers when necessary. We use the best materials in the industry to make your pool project the best that it can be. Your new pool will not only be beautiful, it will have the longevity that you expect and deserve. We take a pride in constructing your new

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