Langford Welding & Fabrication

1400 Highway 341 South, Roberta, GA 31078
(478) 283-2400
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Metal Fabrication




Langford Welding & Fabrication is the only phone call you need to make for all of your welding needs. I'm a qualified service professional that is ready to take on any job, big or small. Call today to hear about out great rates.

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Recent Job Requests for Metal Fabrication Services in Roberta, GA:

Project: Fabricate Custom Steel Beams
Location: Roberta, GA
Date: 06/09/2011
Comment: 1ea. 41ftL 24 W x 68 Steel Girder with (3) 3/4" plywoodenailer bolted to I beam with (2) 3/4" bolts @ 24" o.c. plus bolt holes for mounting 40ft x 12ft door hinge. 2ea. 12ft lally columns. I am building a personal hangar with a 40ft x 12ft door.