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Olshan Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

5835 N. Commerce Plaza Dr., Jackson, MS 39206
(281) 664-8400
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Are you looking for a foundation repair company that you can trust and depend upon? We have been in business since 1933 (FDR was President), and we will be in business when your grandchildren vote for their favorite President. Our company started during the Great Depression, grew during WWII and stayed around to see the first astronauts land on the moon. The method of foundation repair used throughout that time involved the use of a concrete pad inserted just under the foundation of the home. It was not very expensive and it was quick to install, but it was limited by the technology of the time and was only a temporary fix. Then in 1967, Olshan became the first company to receive VA & FHA approval for a new method of foundation repair using bell bottom piers. The bell bottom footing could be installed to depths of up to twelve feet, the bell could be checked, alignment could be verified & the concrete was steel reinforced. The bell bottom piers introduced by Olshan Foundation Repair proved to be th

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