Western Specialty Contractors

P.O. Box 861, Talent, OR 97540
(541) 944-4854
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License #: 161917

Expiration: Sun Oct 31 18:00:00 MDT 2010


Western Specialty Contractors has been helping homeowners with their thermal and moisture protection solutions since 2004. We specialize in custom concrete repair, rehabilitation and coating. Pool decks, patios and garages are just the beginning, and with a rainbow of colors to choose from, the only limit is your imagination. Thermal and moisture protection encompass many facets in construction today. Proper sealing keeps out unwanted moisture and reduces heating and cooling costs by cutting down on drafts. Foundation and basement wall waterproofing keeps water out of the areas under the structure and they protect concrete and reinforcing steel from corrosion. Foundation and basement waterproofing methods and products have come a long way. Over the evolution of the technology involved and the application procedures, Western Specialty Contractors has kept up with these changes with intense, on-the-job and classroom training. Rest assured that when you choose our innovative foundation and basement waterp

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