Enjoy the View: Modern Seattle Log Homes

by Marcus Pickett

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Situated between the Puget Sound, Lake Washington, the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, Seattle is full of spectacular lake and mountains views that generate literally thousands upon thousands of great luxury, weekend, and retirement homes for wealthy Seattleites. Some people like to get away from the hectic throb of Emerald City proper, while other Seattleites use a luxury log home as a financial investment they can enjoy for years as they watch the property appreciate. Most recently, we've processed a custom built home project near the Mount Vernon area, but any number of areas around the greater Seattle area are ripe for log home construction.

Log Homes in Seattle, WA
Log homes are not the log cabins of your parents' and grandparents' generation. They are now designed with every amenity imaginable to modern life. Combined with typically large windows, they are also some of the most commonly awe-inspiring homes on many a country road. At the same time, the basic technology or methods of log home construction remain largely unchanged, and for good reason. Some log homes that were built as long as 100 years ago remain in livable condition. There is no novelty or gimmick in thinking about building and living in a log home. These homes are first-rate, and stunning dwellings from both visual and living standards.

That said, keep in mind that log home construction, like any other home building project, can be undertaken through one of a few different methods. Modular log homes, for example, are largely constructed in a factory setting, then transported to the construction site for finishing and other turn-key operations. This tends to reduce the cost of construction, and can still deliver a durable home dwelling. The one significant drawback, however, is that modular log homes may be somewhat limited in design options.

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Cost of Seattle Log Home Construction
There's really no way to estimate the cost of a log home construction without precise details of your home's size, design, and building method. Typically speaking, custom log homes are more expensive than conventional building methods, while modular log homes tend to be a bit cheaper. If you've got some carpentry skills and some handy friends, you might even be able to purchase a log home building kit and do much of the work yourself. Needless to say, before you dismiss the idea of building a log home in Seattle, be sure to talk to one of our Seattle log home builders.

Just to give you one example, the person who had his custom home built in the Mount Vernon area reported construction costs of $250,000. So you can begin to plan ahead, log homes will also take on a similar timeline to other home building projects with most projects taking between five to eight months to complete.

Seattle Log Home Builders
Given that you should get multiple estimates and check out the credentials of any home improvement contractor, you can imagine the stakes for finding someone to take on the project of building your dream home. ServiceMagic puts each and every contractor, including Seattle log home builders, through a rigorous 10-step screening process. In addition, you can use our customer ratings and reviews section to conveniently access credentials and feedback of Seattle home builders. It may be beneficial to talk to these companies at the beginning of your project, so you can get a feel for what is plausible given your financial situation and the vision you have for your new home.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.