Non-Traditional Homes in New York: Modular Homes and Log Homes

by Jon Nunan

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While NYC is hardly a prime location for new home building of any sort, when you look upstate or out west, non-traditional log and modular homes are excellent choices for several reasons. Upstate New York log home builders are able to construct dwellings of any size, and are the people to call if you want anything from a rustic cabin getaway to an eco-friendly permanent residence. In upstate and western New York, modular homes are gaining popularity as a viable, wallet-friendly alternative to site-built houses, and the many benefits of these structures are giving them a well-earned reputation for affordable quality. If you are looking to build a new house in upstate New York, log homes and modular homes are certainly worth a bit of serious consideration.

Upstate New York Log Homes: Builders and Benefits
In the outdoor scenery and woodsy ambiance of upstate New York, log homes are a perfect idea. Not only does the look of these structures blend in perfectly with the atmosphere of upstate New York, log homes are also less harmful to the environment than your average stick-framed house because less wood is wasted in their construction. As an added bonus, log homes are natural insulators, making those cold winter nights a little more comfortable.

Due to the vast expanses of wooded areas in western and upstate New York, log home builders are not difficult to find. It is important, however, to realize that not all log homes are built in the same manner. Some log home builders work with whole, raw logs, creating structures that are extremely eco-friendly and very rustic. Others work with milled logs, which are basically logs cut to uniform sizes. With an appearance similar to oversized dowels, milled logs are easy to work with and create a more polished-looking structure, though the milling process makes this a less environmentally conscious option. For the adventurous, some upstate New York log home builders offer kits; these kits require you (rather than a professional) to complete much of the work in constructing your home. Log home kits are not for everyone, but the savings to be had by minimizing paid labor are an enticing prospect for the budget conscious.

Upstate and Western New York Modular Homes
If you're looking to build a house with a more conventional look in western or upstate New York, modular homes are an option you can't afford to overlook. Though often associated with manufactured or mobile homes, modular homes are built to the same codes and with the same materials and craftsmanship you'll find in traditional home construction. New York modular home builders are no different than other local builders with one important distinction: modular home builders do most of their work indoors. By building large pieces of the house inside and assembling them on the designated lot later, New York modular home builders are able to work more efficiently, saving you money in the process.

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With very few exceptions, modular homes can have any feature or component you'll find in a site-built house. Modular home construction is not, however, delayed by weather or even by nightfall! New York modular home builders are not going to raise costs due to weather-damaged materials, and they typically waste very little time in getting the job done. By opting to construct modular homes, New Yorkers are likely to save anywhere from 10 to 35% on total project costs and have their homes completed faster, too!

New York Modular and Log Home Prices
While savings are almost a given when building modular homes, New York residents should be aware that despite many claims to the opposite, log homes are often just as costly to build as a conventionally constructed house. If you want all of the same features, luxuries, and amenities that are common to houses in upstate and western New York, log homes are even likely to cost a little more than a similarly-sized conventionally built house! Log home kits and more rustic log dwellings can certainly be built for far less money than other houses; however, to have a professional crew construct a log house with all the trimmings like finished basements, bay windows, central air conditioning and heating, and many of the other components you'll find in the houses around your lot, don't expect to pay too much less than you would if you hired a conventional custom home builder.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.