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Between the stories that surround old laminate counters and the performance of stone and solid surface counters, many homeowners run into the comforting arms of these high-priced, luxury options without realizing that a beautiful, serviceable counter is available for a fraction of the cost. While laminate counters still require simple preventative steps and maintenance, the advent of reinforced laminate has made them a practical and durable part of any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

San Antonio Laminate Counters and San Antonio Home Remodeling
Many homeowners only choose a laminate counter as part of a remodeling budget crunch. Something ends up costing more than originally intended, or the homeowner decides to upgrade a part of the remodeling project. By understanding that you can save thousands of dollars by choosing a laminate counter, you can realize other parts of your remodeling project with proper planning. The latest in laminate counter product lines have gotten so good at imitating stone and other counter materials that even experts have trouble telling them apart. Plus, if you have the need, you can install a laminate counter as a stand alone project. If you're generally happy with the look of your kitchen and bathrooms, this can be one area that you may want to single out for improvement.

San Antonio Laminate Counter Maintenance
So, what do you sacrifice by choosing laminate? You won't be able to indiscriminately place hot dishes or chop vegetables on a laminate counter. Dropping heavy objects from a height or slam something into the counter might cause some denting. Nor should you let standing water sit on your counter for long periods of time. No counter is entirely indestructible, and homeowners who take generally good care of their home shouldn't have much trouble avoiding these obvious pitfalls. Plus, if you do like to chop vegetables on your counter or place hot dishes on them, you can install a small area of tile or similar tough material in your counter to accommodate these practices. Want further proof that laminate counters have come a long way and offer adequate reliability? Some companies now offer 40-year warranties on their laminate counters.

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Cost of Laminate Countertops in San Antonio
While other home improvement alternatives promise lower costs, they can sometimes deliver only a few hundred dollars in savings for a project worth several thousand. HomeAdvisor tracks home improvement projects, including different countertop projects in San Antonio and around the country. The average cost of a laminate counter: $1,400. Stone and solid surface counters, by comparison, both average more than $4,000. For homeowners attempting a large kitchen remodel in San Antonio, laminate countertops can be a blessing that enables you to meet your remodeling budget. For small bathroom counters, you can install a new laminate counter without dipping into savings or refinancing your home.

Project Length of San Antonio Laminate Countertop Installation
Along with substantial cost savings, your San Antonio counter installation won't take as long with laminate. As opposed to two weeks or more for stone and solid surface counter installation, laminate counters don't require the same kind of elaborate fabrication process. This can mean you'll have your new San Antonio laminate countertop in less than a week. Be sure, though, to take your time selecting the grade and look of your laminate. You'll want to make it clear to your contractor what you expect from your counter installation. Like any home improvement project, a laminate counter will only live up to its potential if it's installed properly.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.