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It's nearly impossible to overestimate the importance of the bathroom or bathrooms in your home. As you know, listings generally include number of bedrooms immediately followed by number of bathrooms. Given the amount of time you spend in the bathroom, it's not a stretch to say that, per square foot, bathrooms pack the most punch for your home and its value. From the nifty single cabinets that fit into the nook-and-crannies of your bathroom, to the under-counter cabinets that store your bulk supplies, and the medicine cabinets that are a mainstay of any bathroom, remodeling, refinishing, or redesigning your bathroom cabinetry is a project that can yield amazing results from a relatively small commitment of time and money.

Getting the most from your Austin Bathroom Cabinetry
Cabinets are single storage spaces. Cabinetry is an entire system of cabinets that work together to create the most efficient home storage your space allows. This point is particularly well-taken for smaller bathrooms. Every inch of your bathroom and its storage must count. More than just choosing between real wood and wood veneer, stock or custom cabinetry, finding a contractor or bathroom designer who can give you a wide-angle lens for your bathroom cabinetry can be invaluable for the overall function and success of your project. For smaller bathrooms, for example, you may even want to take the project out of the bathroom. Your bathroom may not have the space and wall space for a built-in cabinet, but the hallway just outside of the bathroom might. If the people using the bathroom tend to make the journey from bathroom to bedroom with a towel wrapped around their head, there's no reason bathroom storage needs to be limited to the bathroom.

The Style of Bathroom Cabinets in Austin, TX
Material, style, and building method are all things to consider once you've got a grasp on the placement and design of your bathroom cabinets. The difference between wood, wood veneer, and other materials can be considered in terms of decorative cohesion. If you already have real wood cabinets, you've got quite a few options, especially if you're already happy with the general design and placement of your cabinetry. Refinishing these cabinets can work miracles, and there's a good chance your real wood cabinets were built to last. New cabinets tend to be made from a wood veneer, unless you're set on paying extra for the real thing.

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Stock cabinets are the best way to go for a cost-effective installation, but custom-built cabinets are second-to-none in beauty, and may be the only way to effectively use that idiosyncratic corner where stock cabinets won't fit. Bumper stickers are one thing, but distinctive architecture and bathroom cabinetry to match are a more organic way to keep things weird. Likewise, you're more likely to find that real wood and custom cabinetry meets the decorative themes of homes closer to the city, where older, distinctive homes are more prevalent.

Cost of Austin Bathroom Cabinets
To help facilitate the relationship between homeowners and contractors, HomeAdvisor tracks all the home improvement projects we process so you can have some idea of what projects are costing in your area. Naturally, bathroom cabinet projects are a fairly nebulous affair. While refinishing a single cabinet isn't going to break the bank by any means, a whole new cabinetry and design can cost several thousand dollars even for a small area such as a bathroom. If you're like most homeowners, you may suffer a little sticker-shock for these more comprehensive projects, but you'll also be pleasantly surprised by the difference they can make. While creating a budget is always a good idea, an even better bet is to make sure you're getting the most from however much money you do spend. Talk to several Austin bathroom cabinet professionals not just about their previous experience, but your project specifically, to see what ideas and rationale they have for your bathroom cabinetry design and installation.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.
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