Choosing and Installing a Sprinkler System in Austin, TX

by Marcus Pickett

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The heat and extended periods without substantial rain mean Austin homeowners must irrigate their lawns to keep them looking healthy and beautiful. Sprinkler systems are a great example of a home improvement project that may not be absolutely necessary, but they do offer quite a bit of convenience and simple luxury. Anybody can get out there and drag a hose around the lawn for 30 or 45 minutes every night or every other night.

On the other hand, a sprinkler system in Austin will not only save you a couple hours of time each week, it will apply a more controlled, uniform irrigation to your lawn, and rid your home of the unsightly appearance and storage demands of the typical garden hose. In other words, installing a sprinkler system in an Austin lawn is a guilty pleasure you shouldn't feel guilty about.

Austin Sprinkler System Design
Many Austin homeowners with generally handy skills consider installing their own sprinkler system before they realize just how involved of a process it is. Sprinkler system installation requires a lot more than digging and laying pipe and putting down sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads must be placed in exact locations and equidistant points. A specific water pressure system must be installed to keep the water flow consistent from the first sprinkler head to the ones on the periphery of your lawn. Without a quality water delivery system and precise design and execution, your lawn irrigation will have irregularities and/or areas of over-watering and under-watering that can ruin the health of your lawn.

Options of Sprinkler Systems in Austin, TX
Installing sprinkler systems that work at the touch of a button is nice, but a comprehensive, computer-programmed home irrigation system will save you time, and keep your lawn as healthy as possible. Most homeowners water their lawns in the evening, the worst possible time of day. Lawns can quickly dry out and yellow, but lawns that sit in water are more susceptible to disease and pests. An irrigation program will allow you to water the eastern side of your lawn at the crack of dawn and the western side of your lawn in late morning as the sun crests over the top of your roof. This type of irrigation system will give you a healthy lawn whether you live in the urban neighborhoods of South Congress and Hyde Park or in the suburban areas surrounding Austin and throughout Cedar Park, Round Rock, and San Marcos.

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Cost of Austin Sprinkler Systems
It's important to realize everything you stand to gain by installing an Austin sprinkler system, including reducing the need to pay a lawn service a bunch of money to repair or replace a diseased lawn. That's because, while it won't break the bank, many homeowners are initially surprised by the cost of sprinkler system installation. HomeAdvisor tracks home improvement projects and sprinkler system installations all across the country. Here's what our Austin data tells us: The average cost of sprinkler system project costs about $2,500 with a range of about $1,500-$3,500 depending on the size of your lawn and complexity of the design.

Project Length of Austin Sprinkler System Installation
Many homeowners, who don't realize just how much goes into designing and installing a sprinkler system, take the project on themselves and soon get in over their head. The complexity of sprinkler systems means even a professional Austin lawn and irrigation contractor will probably need at least two days to make all the proper measurements, lay the pipe, place all the sprinkler heads, and install and adjust the water pressure system. Talk to multiple contractors to make sure you're getting a fair price, but make sure you find someone you can trust. You don't want someone coming to your home and haphazardly digging up your lawn.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.