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No Dallas home would be complete without its backyard swimming pool. The comfort of a quick, refreshing dip and the convenience of having a pool right at your home is a luxury unlike any other for a Dallas homeowner. Besides the cost of the initial installation, you'll need to exercise all due diligence to maintain the functionality and beauty of your swimming pool. In the end, it's a small price to pay for endless summer enjoyment.

Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dallas
Even pools that appear to be in good condition should be checked every day. Check your filter pressure and the strainer basket for debris accumulation. Check chlorine and pH levels every two to three days during periods of limited use. If you're swimming in your pool every day, you should check the water quality daily. It's better to err on the side of slightly over chlorinating your pool. Not only do more problems arise from low levels of chlorine than too much chlorine, but the strong Texas sun can quickly de-chlorinate your pool water.

Even diligent swimming pool maintenance will hardly guarantee that problems won't arise. Especially if something goes amiss with your pump, hoses, or filter system, it may be time to call in the professionals. Be sure to ask not just about the problem but the cause of the problem. Many older pools have pump and hose assemblies that are inadequate for the filtration system and the pool that the assembly services. It may be time to replace your pool pump or filtration system to permanently fix your pool troubles.

Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance, Repair, and Remodeling
Once the basics of your Dallas swimming pool maintenance have been taken care of, it might be time to consider any number of pool upgrades. Swimming pool fences are indispensable for protecting children, and even guarding against frivolous lawsuits from neighbors and intruders who fall into the pool. Pool covers help trap heat and reduce the amount of debris that accumulates in your pool. For a truly year-round pool, installing a pool heater can maximize the return on your pool investment. Finally, pool remodeling such as a new pool deck, patio, and/or beautiful landscaping can transform your pool into a backyard oasis.

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Cost of Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance
Each pool problem has its own solution. And each solution has a varying price range. Likewise, different kinds of pool upgrades have varying costs and varying returns. Without knowing exactly what your problem is, there's no way to give you an estimate. Unless you know exactly what's wrong with your pool, you should at least consult with a Dallas swimming pool professional. Many of these pool professionals will offer you free advice with the hope of soliciting your business in the future. Here's a list of average costs for different pool projects that we've compiled from all the pool projects we've processed. This may give you some idea of what you're in store for:

Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning: $275
Dallas Swimming Pool Repair: $1,000 (ranges widely)
Dallas Swimming Pool Covers: $750
Dallas Swimming Pool Heaters: $2,000
Dallas Swimming Pool Remodeling: $10,000 (ranges widely)

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