How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Swimming Pool?

Maintain a Swimming Pool Costs
Average reported costs
based on 3,003 cost profiles
Most homeowners
spent between
$132 - $380
Low cost
High cost

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Project Average Most Spent Between
Weekly $177 $84 - $278
Every two weeks $267 $134 - $400
Monthly $190 $78 - $302
Opening & Closing only $266 $185 - $354
Other $361 $142 - $665
On average, pool maintenance costs $255, with most homeowners spending between $132 and $380. This data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

While a swimming pool adds many years of fun and exercise to your home life, it needs to be maintained correctly and consistently.

Pool Heating

You can manage the heating cost for your pool by not heating it year-round. If you only use your pool for entertainment, you are most likely not going to have pool parties in the dead of winter. If you use it for exercise, you may find times of year where you will be engaging in other types of workouts and not keep the pool heated.

Pool Cleaning

A professional pool cleaner is a great idea if you can afford one. If you can't, the best cleaning maintenance is to remove leaves, dirt and debris on the surface. Skimming off the debris on a daily basis will keep your pool from needing deeper cleaning and vacuuming as often. It is much simpler to clean the top than it is to vacuum rotten decomposed leaves off the bottom.

Chemical Testing

A pool water test kit is an inexpensive way to test the pH of your swimming pool. If you have a pool maintenance pro who is doing regular, routine cleaning and maintenance of your pool, they will certainly be doing this testing for you as part of their services. However, if you want to save money you can do it yourself. It's important to know the pH level so you don't let it get too high or too low. On either end of the spectrum are undesirable results. The closer to zero the pH is, the more acidic the water is, causing the water to corrode the pipes and hurt your skin if you swim in it. If the pH is closer to 14, the water starts to cloud and render the chlorine ineffective. So make sure to keep the pH level balanced around seven, which means neutral.


The most common repairs needed for a swimming pool involve fixing the heating and filtration systems and cracks or other damages to the inside surface. If you have a concrete or tiled pool, the surface can get damaged and cracked. If you have a pool liner, the liner can get torn or ripped due to wear and tear or abuse by kids, pets and pool toys. Repairing a pool liner is not an expensive venture, but replacing a liner can be. Monitor the amount of rough play that goes on in your swimming pool so you can avoid this expensive replacement.


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