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by Jon Nunan

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Many of us are under the impression that severely stained or damaged carpet cannot be repaired and must be either hidden or completely replaced. For the most part, this is true. However, for minor stains and damages, repair is often possible, and is far less expensive than replacement (and much more convenient than rearranging your furniture to conceal the offending areas).

Common Carpet Repairs in Pittsburgh
So, maybe your dog went to town on your carpet while you were out, or perhaps you spilled your Yeungling getting excited watching the Steelers play but couldn't bring yourself to mop it up with a Terrible Towel—as long as the damage isn't unreasonable, you've got options. Small stains that won't come out can be fixed using a "cut and plug" method (the affected area is cut out then a replacement piece is hot glued into place). This method works with small holes and burns, as well, but it requires a matching piece of carpet. If you cannot find a suitable match, the replacement piece can come from a closet or other, out-of-the-way area.

A wrinkle that's formed in your carpet (most often caused by improper installation) can be stretched out in some cases. If you have carpet that has a pad underneath it and is held in place by a perimeter of narrow boards fitted with angled spikes (called "grippers" and you'll know one if you see it), then your carpet is a good candidate for stretching.

There is hope for other issues such as loose seams and snags or runs, too. Seams can sometimes be fixed with careful cutting and hot glue or partial replacement. Berber carpet, very popular for its durability, tends to snag. These snags can be cut short if they are spotted early, and fiber transplants can be a solution for snags that run a few inches up to a foot or two.

Pittsburgh Carpet Repair Concerns
While spilled drinks and ornery canines can't be considered Pittsburgh specific, some of the weather conditions in southwestern PA are archenemies of a clean and functional carpet. Moisture, which Pittsburgh has a lot of, makes things stick to shoes; shoes, in turn, enter the house. Once the dirt, grit, and in the wintertime, cinder and salt breach your entryway, they have a way of sneaking into the carpet in other areas of the house. While the debris that's visible can easily be vacuumed up, the jagged little pieces that are hidden can cut carpet fibers and cause thinning and fuzzing.

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The only way to keep the little pieces of grit from aging your carpet prematurely is to remove them. Unfortunately, most normal cleaning regimens aren't quite effective enough to completely get rid of them. An excellent option is to, every once in a while, hire a professional cleaner. They have the equipment and products necessary to give your carpets a deep cleansing that will not only revitalize their appearance, but can extend the life of your carpet in the process.

Pittsburgh Carpet Repair Pricing
For any common carpet repair, Pittsburgh residents should expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. There are some instances, however, when repairs can go as high as $600. While this might seem like a lot, it is still far less than replacement, which can easily cost $2,000 or more (and will also take a few days instead of a few hours). Homeowners should also look into having their carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year; at only $100 or $200 a pop, most find that the renewed appearance and added life expectancy are well worth the price.

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.