How Much Does it Cost to Refinish Wood Flooring?

Refinish Wood Flooring Costs
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Worn-out wood floors are great if you're trying to create that homey grandma's-cabin look. But if you want to add luster and elegance to your home, few projects can bring on the dazzle like floor refinishing. The process involves sanding, varnishing and sealing, and it's all within the reach of a skilled do-it-yourselfer. But doing it yourself could take considerably longer than a professional would, and the misery of living for weeks in a house full of sawdust should play into your decision. Also, consider that if it's not done well, the flaws will jump out at anybody walking on the floor. Hiring a professional might be a smart investment. Before you contact a contractor or handyman for the job, here are a few cost factors to consider:

Square Footage Being Refinished

Naturally, the larger the area to be refinished, the more costly it will be for both materials and labor. Most floor refinishers charge by the square foot. But they also tend to charge less per square foot if you're doing more than one room, so it probably doesn't pay to finish one room and procrastinate on finishing another.

Condition of the Floor You're Refinishing

If your floors are in decent condition, you'll pay less than if you're floors and plagued with chips, cracks and splinters. Repair work can add considerably to the overall cost.

Floor's Previous Finish

If the previous finish is dark and you want to go lighter, or if the previous finish is thick and requires more sanding, this can add to the labor costs for refinishing.

Refinishing Stairs

Large sanders work quickly, and professionals can often do a room in a day. But add wood stairs to the job, and you're multiplying the job's complexity. Stairs are difficult to access, require smaller sanders and take longer. Most refinishers will have a separate cost per stair for refinishing.


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