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by Jon Nunan

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In Sacramento, drywall installation is a common component of most major home improvement projects. Drywall can be found in nearly every home in the country (often in nearly every room) and is the modern standard for constructing interior walls. If you are thinking of a remodel, there's a good chance that, at some point, you'll be dealing with this material. Some projects are more drywall intensive than others, however, and deciding whether a particular job is easy enough to do yourself or worth the extra money to hire a professional can be difficult.

Professional Sacramento Drywall Installation
While almost everyone feels underappreciated every once in a while, few heroes are as unsung as those who hang drywall. On the surface, installing drywall is a pretty straightforward task; when you read step-by-step directions or watch a video on how it's done, it's easy to see how a novice might think that this job is a piece of cake. The fact is that a good drywall hanger might make what he or she is doing look easy, but it is only with experience, patience, and technique that you get the kind of results a professional drywaller can provide. Using the resources here at HomeAdvisor, you'll be able to find plenty of companies that will offer you fantastic results in and around Sacramento; drywall installation in a highly visible area is generally worth the cost of hiring one.

DIY Drywall Installation in Sacramento
If your project is in a less visible area such as a garage, attic, or basement, you might consider doing some or all of this job yourself. For experienced do-it-yourselfers in Sacramento, drywall installation is a project where you can end up saving some money. Be prepared, however, for some parts of the job (particularly finishing) to be a little messier, a little more time consuming, and a little more difficult than they seem in books, online, or on TV.

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Sacramento Drywall Finishing
Since appearances count in Sacramento, drywall finishing is an extremely important step in the process of drywall installation. Sacramento Valley homeowners with little experience might successfully attempt to cut their own drywall and fasten it to the wall studs, but once you start slinging around joint compound (or "mud") it will become very apparent that this job requires some real finesse as well as a lot of patience. Professional Sacramento drywall installation crews are able to handle finishing quickly and efficiently while producing beautiful results. If you decide to do this portion of the job yourself, make sure to allow plenty of time to fix mistakes and clean up; you may also want to practice in a less conspicuous area before you attempt drywall finishing in your living room or kitchen.

Sacramento Drywall Installation Prices
A wide gap exists between the least expensive and most costly drywall installations in Sacramento. In the upper Central Valley, we've seen jobs go for as little as $800, while others cost three times that amount or more. Obviously, you can save some money by doing part of the job yourself, and if you feel confident in your skills as a handyman it might be well worth the effort. However, don't think that you are going to get professional results your first time; if you are not prepared to put in some major work, you're probably better off hiring a professional from the get-go!

Jon Nunan is a freelance writer who draws on his experience in construction, ranging from landscaping to log home building, for his articles on home improvement.