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Beldon Atlanta
5 Verified Ratings
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(678) 798-3918
2985 Gordy Parkway, 1st Floor
Atlanta, GA 30006
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Spectrum Home Repair
31 Verified Ratings
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(404) 267-1202
2190 Spalding Drive
Atlanta, GA 30350
Ericks Painting Company, Inc.
3 Verified Ratings
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(866) 578-1698
1414 Wood Terrace Circle
Atlanta, GA 30342
Paragon Construction Group
1 Verified Ratings
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(678) 798-4062
216 14th Street, Suite 7
Atlanta, GA 30318
ThermaGuard, Inc.
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(678) 798-3157
3595 Canton Road, Suite 116-195
Marietta, GA 30189

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Reviews of Atlanta Wood & Fiber-Cement Siding Installers

Project: Install or Replace Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding
Marietta, GA

they care about everything , they do lot of extra work , more than agrrement , they do excellent work , I am glad I find them ,

Project: Install or Replace Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding
Marietta, GA

Work was high quality, and all employees were very professional.

Project: Install or Replace Wood or Fiber-Cement Siding
Marietta, GA

Working with Michelle was great! Her knowledge and collaberation is understanding the custom items I wanted in additon to the siding and roof installation was great! I always felt as though she work with me and kept me informed of cost changes where applicable due to scope changes. I really appreciated her attention to detail and open communications given the magnitude of the level of renovations I was having done to my home. It was great working with Michele and Dennis!!


Unscreened Siding Contractors in Atlanta, Georgia

Paul Henderson Builder
3230 Aspen Circle
Snellville, GA 30078
Proactive Services, Inc.
6375 Lakeview Dr.
Buford, GA 30518
Paragon Renovations, Inc.
875 Cline Petty Way
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
L&M Construction, Inc.
3651 Pennington Drive
Conyers, GA 30013
Metro Home Improvement, Inc.
P.O. Box 500805
Atlanta, GA 30350

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Ideas & Inspiration from Atlanta Siding Contractors

Atlanta Cedar Siding

Most people purchase cedar siding purely for its looks, and for good reason. Atlanta cedar siding is easily one of the most beautiful siding materials on the market. But cedar has a number of other qualities that make it an excellent choice for Atlantans as well. It stands up well to Atlanta's wet, humid climate, repels insects, and has excellent insulative properties, both in regards to sound and temperature. It also is a surprisingly eco-friendly product, especially compared to some of the more popular composite and metal sidings you can purchase. In fact, about the only downside of cedar siding in Atlanta is maintenance. It takes some regular upkeep in order to keep it in prime condition, but it's a small price to pay for a siding with looks and performance that are hard to match.

Cedar Siding: The Natural Choice
It's not coincidence that cedar has been one of the top choices when it comes to exterior wood applications for several hundred years already. Cedar wood has natural oils and tannins that repel both water and insects, making it the perfect material for use as a siding material. That's especially valuable in an area like Atlanta, where 40 inches of precipitation a year is the norm, and where the humidity can feel more smothering than Hakeem Olajuwon during the Hawk's '94 championship run. Not to mention, anyone familiar with Georgia knows that termites and other wood boring insects can be a serious problem across the South, and any material that keeps them away is a welcome one.

Siding and Insulation
Another reason cedar siding in Atlanta is so attractive to many homeowners is because of its insulative qualities. Believe it or not, cedar siding provides up to 400 times better insulation than metal siding and up to 4 times better insulation than fiber-cement siding. In other words, it doesn't just look spectacular; cedar siding in Atlanta can also save you money on cooling costs during the summer and on your furnace bills when winter rolls around. As a side note, Atlanta cedar siding is also an excellent insulator against noise, which isn't an insignificant thing in one of the largest, and fastest growing, cities in America.

Siding and the Environment
While cedar siding certainly improves your immediate environment by providing your home with protection from weather, insects, noise, and outside temperatures, it's also an excellent material from a larger environmental standpoint. Compared to other siding materials, especially vinyl, fiber-cement, aluminum, and steel, cedar siding leaves a much lighter footprint on the environment. More than anything, the energy expended to mill cedar into suitable siding takes far less energy than it does to manufacture the alternatives.

According to the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, it takes 140% more energy to create steel rather than wood siding, and steel production is responsible for creating 45% more greenhouse gasses, 42% more air pollution, 1900% more water pollution, and 36% more solid waste. Fiber-cement siding doesn't fare much better, taking 70% more energy to produce than wood, and creating 81% more greenhouse gasses, 67% more air pollution, 90% more water pollution, and 96% more solid waste. Those are some eye-opening numbers, especially coming from industries that often tout their products as "green" because they can be manufactured from recycled materials and can be recycled themselves. The truth, however, is that most siding materials, composite and wood alike, still end up in landfills after they're removed, where cedar again has the edge. After all, wood is 100% biodegradable. Those other siding materials, on the other hand, will be there for archeologists to find thousands, if not millions, of years into the future.

Choices Abound with Cedar Siding in Atlanta
While it's clear that cedar siding in Atlanta is an excellent choice from a materials standpoint, it also has a lot to offer in terms of options for homeowners to choose from. Lap, batten, beaded, tongue and groove, and cedar shake siding in Atlanta are all excellent options for homeowners across the metro area. And while the natural look of cedar treated with a clear or semi-transparent oil or latex water sealer is probably the most popular option when it comes to finishing your siding, you can also treat your cedar siding in Atlanta with a variety of colored stains or paint it to give it added protection from inclement weather and the hot Atlanta sun.

Whether you go with the traditional look of Atlanta cedar shake siding or the more modern look of other cedar siding options, it's hard to go wrong with cedar siding in Atlanta.

Atlanta Hardie Board Siding

There's only one siding alternative that has almost no downside when it comes to cladding your home: Hardie board siding in Atlanta. Atlanta Hardie board siding masquerades under many names, including fiber cement siding, cement board siding, and Hardie plank siding in Atlanta, among others. Whatever you choose to call it, when it comes to performance and price, there just isn't anything that compares in today's siding market. Why not? Let's take a look at the alternatives, and why you might want to think twice about them if you live in the greater Atlanta metro area.

Superior to Aluminum
Aluminum is the old standby. While it was used almost exclusively by siding contractors for decades following WWII, it has since met its match in composite sidings like Hardie plank siding in Atlanta. The problem with aluminum is its ability to resist impacts. If you can crush a soda can in your hands, why should you expect aluminum siding to stand up to a major Georgia spring thunderstorm and accompanying hail? The easy answer: you shouldn't. Aluminum has a lot of advantages, but unless you like the pockmarked look, you should think twice about installing aluminum siding on your home.

Superior to Steel Siding
To be honest, steel siding has almost no downside. The one problem you might experience with this siding is the rust factor. New lines of steel siding with baked-on coatings have reduced the occurrence of rust in steel siding exponentially compared to steel that was simply painted in years past, but all it takes is one major scratch and you've got issues, especially if you fail to follow up with some touch up work. Of course, touching up steel siding is an option, but any paint supplier will tell you that patchwork doesn't last like the original baked-on coating, and if your steel siding has been around a few years, as it invariably will, it can be almost impossible to find a perfect match color wise.

Superior to Wood Siding
There's a reason Atlanta is classified as a subtropical climate according to the Kloppen Classification. It gets over 50 inches of annual rainfall and the humidity can make summers downright unbearable in the A-T-L. That's a rough combination of elements for wood siding, and a recipe for destruction if you're the type that puts off regular house paintings. If rot, warping, cracking, and splitting are your idea of quality siding, then by all means go with wood. If not, Hardie board siding in Atlanta is your answer. Oh, and did we mention that Hardie plank siding in Atlanta is also insect proof? Termites and carpenter ants can be a real problem in the South. Wood siding only gives those pests more to chew on.

Superior to Vinyl
Vinyl siding is the biggest competitor for Hardie plank siding in Atlanta. In fact, vinyl siding is the most installed siding in the nation, by a factor of two, making it the biggest competitor of every other siding material on the market. Usually people will claim price as the reason they chose vinyl siding, but those folks should have done more research. Most Hardie siding in Atlanta is cheaper than high end vinyl lines. And with a 50 year warranty, Atlanta Hardie siding actually saves you money when you factor in the life span of the materials. Finally, vinyl is tougher than ever, but it's not as tough as Atlanta Hardie plank siding. Since major thunderstorms and tornados are no stranger to the Atlanta area (did you know that the Atlanta metropolitan area reports more tornadoes than anywhere else in the state of Georgia?) you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to protecting your home. The best, by all accounts, is Hardie board siding in Atlanta.

Hardie Board Siding in Atlanta
By now, you've probably figured out what makes this the best siding material to hit the market in most of recorded history. It's tough as nails, it's moisture and insect proof, impact proof, and it comes with a 50 year warranty. Add to that the facts that it's virtually incombustible, it looks great, and it takes paint better than all its competitors, and you're left with a siding material that's unrivaled in the greater Atlanta metro area.

Finding a Siding Contractor
If Atlanta Hardie plank siding sounds like the siding material you've been searching for (and how couldn't it?), then your first step should be searching out several siding installers to come give bids on what it's going to cost to clad your home in fiber cement siding. Never forget that Georgia doesn't require its contractors to obtain licenses of any kind, meaning that there are no guarantees that the guy listed in the phone book knows what he's doing when it comes to installing Hardie board siding in Atlanta. The only way to find out for sure is to weigh each contractor's estimate against other "experts," and to check references. It's a sure-fire way to avoid problems before your project ever gets started. Of course, combining that diligence with a contractor referral service like HomeAdvisor doesn't hurt, either. HomeAdvisor does a lot of the research for you ahead of time, so you can be even more confident, once you've made your choice, that everything will go according to plan when you choose to install Atlanta Hardie siding on your home.

Atlanta Cement Siding

Cement siding in Atlanta is uniquely suited to the Atlanta metro area when it comes to protecting homes. Why? Because contrary to the general impression that Atlanta experiences relatively mild weather, it can be directly affected by some of the most extreme weather on the planet. And when it comes to siding that can stand up to the most damaging storms nature has to throw at us, cement siding in Atlanta is far and away the toughest of the bunch.

Extreme Weather
Were you aware that more tornadoes are reported in metro Atlanta than in any other part of Georgia? Especially in northern counties, such as Dekalb, Fulton, and Cherokee, the question of tornadoes is a matter of when, not if. Add to twisters the occasional tropical depression that sits over the city, and you've got yourself the makings of some severe storms that can produce serious problems for home siding. Hail, high winds, and airborne debris are all very real possibilities in Atlanta, and the only siding that can stand up to that kind of beating is Atlanta cement siding. In fact, cement board siding in Atlanta has such a good track record in the face of harsh weather that many cities and counties across the nation have incorporated it into their building codes to help reduce the amount damage that has to be dealt with after extreme weather events. If that doesn't open your eyes to the toughness that is cement siding, not much will.

Cement Siding Outperforms the Competition
Of course, cement siding in Atlanta shouldn't be something you buy on the offhand chance your home gets swept up by a tornado and dropped in the Land of Oz. The truth of the matter is that cement siding outperforms other siding materials across the board, in any weather, any season, and under any conditions.

  • Cement Siding vs. Vinyl—Vinyl is often advertised as being a rough and tumble material. It's true that high grade vinyl siding holds up better than most metal and wood siding materials when it comes to sustaining impacts, however it's not fool proof. A major hailstorm can leave vinyl looking like it's been shot through with a machine gun, and in the rare instance that the winter temperature in Atlanta does plummet (the all time record low in Atlanta is minus 9 degrees!), vinyl can be rendered brittle and prone to cracking. Cement siding in Atlanta has no such issues, and it can be repainted when its color fades instead of having to be replaced.

  • Cement Board Siding vs. Aluminum—Aluminum has one significant drawback: it dents very easily. In a climate like Atlanta's where major thunderstorms are commonplace and hail is not unusual, that's a bad trait to have. Add to that neighborhood kids hitting backyard pop-flies with an eye on playing for the Braves someday, and it's pretty easy to see why Atlanta cement siding is preferable to aluminum every time.

  • Cement Siding vs. Steel Siding—Atlanta gets more annual precipitation than Seattle, WA, and the humidity in north central Georgia is legendary. Not exactly ideal conditions for a product like steel that rusts when exposed to the elements. On the other hand, cement siding in Atlanta is immune to water and moisture damage of any kind.

  • Cement Board vs. Wood Siding—Wood, be it pine plank siding or cedar shake, can't be rivaled for looks. Or can it? Believe it or not, cement siding in Atlanta takes many forms, including those that mimic wood plank and shake siding to a T, without the potential for incurring damage from moisture, impacts, insects, or fire.

Cement siding in Atlanta is simply a superior product on just about every front. About the only complaint Atlantans might have about cement board siding is cost. It can run a little more than other siding materials, especially vinyl and aluminum siding. Divide that final cost across a life span that's backed by a 50 year warranty, however, and suddenly even cost isn't much of a deterrent for cement siding in Atlanta. If you're looking for an ideal product for Atlanta home siding, cement siding is as close to a perfect fit as you're going to find.


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